Taking Daily Action – Break The Bad Habits In 21 Days

Taking Daily Action – Break The Bad Habits In 21 Days

I have to say in the last year I have had a few health challenges,  and not taking regular consistent action doesn’t  particularly do much to boost the finances.

Luckily due to the business I am in there is enough passive income coming in to keep things going.

7 Daily Disciplines To Build Your Online Business (Day 1)

It is like this, I am still having my health challenge. but I am sick of  being sick and have decided to focus back onto my business again.  Even though this probably is not the best thing I could do for my health, I have no intention of remaining like a victim.  If I am going to die better die burning rubber at 180 Miles per hour in a Porche 911 Carrera, than like a half dead prune waiting for the grim reaper to pull me off the sofa.

I have started to blog again daily – Three times a day in fact the way I used to do at the very beginning.  I have to say it makes me feel great, I have a lot of drive and excitement every day about the things I am going to do. And what I am going to create.  I started with a 7 Day Daily Disciples To Build Your Online Business Training and then decided to also redo my 101 Blogging Tips training videos. Plus post them on a newer blog that I made.

I was starting to get really motivated, then I saw an email from one of my mentors from the past.  Due to circumstances and a couple of businesses he joined  failing he kinda disappeared.  Though a week or two ago I got an email from him which really motivated me to really get things going again.

I have never been a Wussy, and have no intention of starting to become one now, fuck that (Excuse my French)

Between buying absolutely brilliant bits of software recently, to run my business. Having new ideas and money making ventures coming out of my ears I am now in overdrive once again.

Yes I am excited and if I remember anything correctly, then excitement sells.   Excitement can and will make you rich if you allow it, and you follow the waves of enthusiasm (mixed with lots of action)


The amazing thing is when you are actually taking action after a few weeks you start to see daily results, you see your business and traffic growing at an alarming rate.  Yes things really do happen that can change your life and your income.

I suggest you watch the new video series it’s free to watch you can register here.

And follow the daily steps and watch your online business start to grow, after you finish that I suggest you follow my 101 Blogging Tips Video series.  I have put 14 years of my knowledge as a blogger and digital marketer into this training. So you are bound to get a whole load of Gold nuggets throughout the trainings.

If you want to know the fastest way to make money online, without wasting years of your time.  Find someone who gets results learn from their trainings, take action and watch as the $$$$s start coming in 🙂

Normally my coaching students pay me hundreds or thousands of pounds to join my businesses and learn my secrets, but I have decided to create a training and give it away for free.

Click Here To Get Access To The Free Trainings 


Taking Daily Action – Break The Bad Habits In 21 Days

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