Ten Things You Will Get When You Use This Shopping Cart

I used a shopping cart for ten years, and without it wouldn’t have been able to get all the payments and thousands of subscribers that I got. It was $100 a month at the start and eventually went up to $129 per month.  Over ten years I am sure that it cost me over $12,000 in total.

I also used and tested another shopping cart which only has some of the features the one I use now has, if you want to run affiliate programs as well as all the full functions of that shopping cart it costs $197 per month, that adds up to nearly $2400 dollars per year, over a ten year period having this over a ten year period like I had my last shopping cart would cost you nearly $24,000,

For a completely limited time before it becomes an ongoing monthly $100 a month payment, you can get a lifetime access to the coolest and in my opinion best shopping cart on the market for an investment of only $597, So far I have already took in a few thousands of pounds using mine, in the short time that I have been using it.

Here are ten things I love about this shopping cart

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  1. It allows you to get payments via Stripe,Apple Pay,Authorize.net and also Paypal.
  2. It allows you to take re occurring payments whether they be weekly monthly or annually.
  3. It can automatically add all the people who purchase your products and services onto a buyers list, so you can email your best customers with all your latest offers.
  4. The company branding for the cart can also be removed from your shopping cart if you have bought the commercial clients license as well.
  5. You can take a payment very simply by only taking the persons email,credit card number,expiry date and CVC number. Which means more people completing the sales forms.
  6. All the other shopping carts I used made you pick a currency for all your transactions, This shopping cart allows you to charge each item you list in whatever different currency you choose. There are a list of different currencies, the ones I mainly use are US Dollars,Euro’s And GBP but there are also many other currencies you can use as well.
  7. The owner is very ethical and customer orientated and not in business to just make a quick buck. And already has a few other long term proven successful software items, which I still love and use till this day.
  8. As this is a long term product and not just another fly by night product, it will be charged monthly for future customers this will pay for ongoing developments and improvements in the software which you can get locked in to today for a one off payment.
  9. It allows you to create and run multiple affiliate programs and tracking.
  10. It allows integration with a large number of software providers and autoresponders which will be continually growing as this software continues to develop. Over a years research and beta testing has been done to make sure everything works as it should which will keep any problems or glitches you may have to an absolute minimum.

This is only a tiny handful of the benefits of this, to find out more click the link below and watch the video


The only problem is this is a limited one time offer and could expire anytime so if you want to get access

Click This Link To Check  If  The Lifetime Offer Is Still Available


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