Interview With Sean Kelly (Jersey Champs)

Interview With Sean Kelly (Jersey Champs)

Sean Kelly (Jersey Champs)


1.Who is Sean Kelly ?

I am a 21 year old entrepreneur that owns Jersey Champs.


  1. What is your daily routine when running your business?

I have a to do list of the tasks I need to get accomplished. It ranges from running Facebook ads to handling wholesale clients. The list carries over to the next day and is very long. I highlight the completed tasks after doing them. I found this method works very well and I won’t forget to do things as I get distracted very easily.


  1. What was the biggest lesson you got since starting Jersey Champs.

Sign a NDA with your factories. My previous factory had reached out to my clients on numerous occasions and lost me over $100,000  in monthly revenue. Do not trust the factory you are dealing with, they are looking to make the most money and will steal your clients without hesitation.


  1. Did you have A supportive family, friends or Spouse that encouraged you while starting up your business?

No one supported me at first, not even my own parents. I kept to myself and didn’t tell anyone I started a company for the first 6 months or so. Only a few people knew. Now, everyone supports me, but it was not easy getting to that level.


  1. What is your USP Unique Selling Point?  When comparing your brand to other businesses.

We create all of jersey designs with our in house design team and have a trademark on our logo, so no one can steal our designs. Also, our marketing tactics are far superior as we dump most of our ad spend into social media marketing.


  1. Define your target market and who are your main buyers.

18-34 year are 89% of our business according to google analytics. We target a very young demographic, s the younger crowd prefers jerseys over the older crowd.


  1. If you had to setup your business all over again, is there anything you would change?

Outsource all the bullshit. Customer service, order fulfilment, live chat. I did all of that stuff for way too long and it took a toll on me.


You can find out more about Jersey Champs by visiting


Interview With Sean Kelly (Jersey Champs)

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