11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

  1. Lack of vision and/or direction in their life/business
  2. A job orientated mentality that cannot deal with the lack of a weekly or monthly regular paycheck.
  3. The ability to quit too easily.
  4. The wrong attitude towards their business and or customers. Your attitude determines your altitude.
  5. Having the wrong personality for selling to their target market.
  6. To be successful it is important to have the right mindset for business.Having a bad mindset can and often does create failure in any kind of business.
  7. Lack of or fearing a lack of support from their partners or spouse.
  8. Trying to do everything for free in your online business is a sure way to attract other people who are looking stuff for free, If all your products are Free then your business will go broke and the business will end quite quickly.
  9. Unethical practises, morals or ethics or pissing consumers off tends to make you and your business look bad and a bad reputation spreads like wildfire. So any of these things will wipe your business off the map pretty sharpish.
  10. Lack of belief in your own products or the product or services that you are selling. Many people can detect or tell if you feel real belief or excitement about what you are selling.  Or whether you are selling them a BS Story remember lots of people have a built in bullshit detector.  So if you want to make sales then believe in what you are selling and cut out the BS.
  11. Lack of discipline the truth is many people just won’t do what it takes to be successful in their business.  If you need to create a video and blog post daily and share it daily in 100 Places then you need to do it consistently or else you could end up back in the Job centre working for someone else instead.



11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

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