Giving Huffy Friends The Heave Ho

Giving Huffy Friends The Heave Ho

I remember a few years ago I had a friend who I met he was working in a mortgage advisers office, at the time I invested in properties and he did too.

He was very astute guy and knew how to make money from properties, even though he was in his 70s he was an action man always on the go..  Getting things done.


I remember one day we where having a conversation and he started talking about all these people who did things that annoyed him, I remember him saying that’s it. I have nothing to do with them anymore.

To cut a long story short he didn’t like one of my friends who we knew mutually. Or he didn’t like the way he acted at least. He did not like people who think they are smart. I think it was an ego thing.

He told me about an Internet Marketing event coming on in Brighton in a few months a ticket was £197 and the proceeds went to the make a wish foundation. Anyway I decided to go it was a full weekend, as I was planning to go to Greece and Bulgaria by car I decided to make the two day event my starting point.

We booked a boat ticket  I booked a beautiful apartment in Brighton for the weekend.

When he told me about the seminar he told me not to  let my friend know about it.   This seemed like a stupid request but I didn’t really think about it much.

The funny thing was my other friend would practically always book an appointment often a few days in advance.

He was not one to drop in at all.

I think it was a week or two later my friend called me completely out of the blue, and said I was outside the house and thought I would see if you where in.

Of course I said come on in.

He came in and I had left I think it may of been some paperwork and a video from the event abut making cash on demand.  Of course he asked me what it was and what was I going to do in Brighton for two days.  At this point it was either lie and be really rude or tell him the truth.

Of course when he found out he really wanted to go to the event I told him my friend didn’t want him to know, And even said I do not want to see you when I am there as he will probably be pissed.

The event had over 4000 people so luckily I didn’t see anyone I knew there as the crowd was way to big to find anyone.

Everything was fine until a couple of years later my friend found out that my other friend had been to that event. He got really stroppy with me on the phone, put the phone down. Unfriended me on Facebook unsubscribed from my lists.

Wow unbelievable really..

Today I was talking to someone about something that too me firstly it was quite trivial, and secondly was really none of their business.  And I got that exact same reaction they put the phone on hold made some excuse and disappeared.

I find it hard to believe that mature adults can be so childish about trivial things, but then again that is up to them.  I know that as well as learning a lot from my past friend who huffed off , he learned lots from me.  And being a huffy fucker is pretty much stupid especially when it is for practically nothing.

What I have realized is when people get huffed for little to no reason or because of their own ego.

Then it is better to give them the heave ho, let them go. There is enough negativity in the world without surrounding yourself with it unnecessarily.

Giving Huffy Friends The Heave Ho

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