Facebook tips: How to expand your brand’s Facebook reach

Facebook tips: How to expand your brand’s Facebook reach

With over 1 Billion active users, Facebook is the most successful social media website. This is a huge opportunity for marketers. It is definitely possible to expand your brand’s Facebook reach.

Facebook uses the algorithm EdgeRank to determine the most screen-worthy content. Affinity, weight and time are the three factors that determine your content’s value. The affinity score is based on fan engagement.

Weight is based on quantity of engagement. The next factor is time. As your content ages and the engagement level with that content reduces. It is important to understand these three factors.

Brands that succeed on Facebook know what content their fans want, when they want it and in what form. It is a good idea to spend in evaluating your fans’ historical consumption patterns. Facebook Insights will help you in this endeavor.

It is advisable to practice brevity. Effective posts are those which are succinct. Lengthy posts do not attract readers. This has been proved by a study. People engage more with brief posts.

It is also important to post at appropriate times. It is fine to state call to action in your posts. There is no harm in asking your fans to like a post. Most of the time people miss by not asking.

Now coming to the content itself, it should definitely be of high quality. You need to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar errors. If you using videos, audios or images, they should be of high quality.

Your content should add value to your fans. It is the most important factor to increase your brand’s Facebook reach. Photos are most engaging. A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Eye catching and easy to consume images are given more weight by Facebook. It is a good idea to ask questions. This encourages engagement. As per studies, words like where, when, would and should increase engagement.

Fans love to interact with their favorite brands. They also want to know if they are being listened to. It is very important to respond to queries and comments of your fans. Your fan will definitely appreciate the attention.

Social media is a network. Your fans would have many fans. It is an opportunity. Friends of your fans usually visit your page and buy your products or services. Some of them also become your fans. You can reach friends of fans with the help of Facebook Ticker. It tracks all user activity.

The rules of success with Facebook are simple. Facebook rewards brands that create high quality content. If you do that and implement the other tips mentioned above, you will be able to expand your brand’s Facebook reach.

Facebook tips: How to expand your brand’s Facebook reach

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