Facebook ads: How to make the most of your Facebook ads


Facebook ads: How to make the most of your Facebook ads

Facebook is the leading social media website with more than 955 million active users. This is a huge opportunity for businesses all over the world. Unfortunately few businesses are making the most of this opportunity.

Your can advertise your products and services on Facebook. Many have never tried Facebook ads. They are missing a huge opportunity. It is definitely possible to increase your leads and sales on Facebook.

Most of the businesses who have failed to succeed with Facebook ads make the mistake of focusing solely on the number of fans that the advertisement is generating. It is good to have more number of fans; however, it is advisable to focus on the number of clicks that are turning to paying customers. The purpose of any marketing effort is to get sales.

One of the advantages of Facebook ads is targeting. Facebook offers many targeting options. It enables you to reach exactly who you want to reach. Two important targeting options are Precise Interest and Broad Categories.

Precise Interests option enables you to target Facebook users who would have listed a specific interest on their Timeline. Precise Interests option is very powerful. Targeting the fans of other pages can create plenty of relevance for the ads a business runs. You can even use this option to target fans of Facebook Pages who have a fan base that is aligned with your brand.

Broad Categories is another option. Broad categories is a larger audience when compared with precise interests, which is a smaller audience. Facebook creates these audiences by examining the activities of its users. You have plenty of options in Broad Categories. Businesses can target options like small business owners, soccer fans, etc.

Facebook’s Promoted Posts enables you to engagement. They are the first type of paid advertising that users view on their news feeds. These ads also reach users of mobile devices like tablet and smartphone.

Business to business marketers and salespersons can make the most of Facebook ads. They can target people by job title and/or organization. You can directly communicate your message to the decision makers, thereby making the most of your ad money. You can also target your ads to people working in Fortune 500 companies.

Today every business is working on tight budgets. Marketers are striving hard to make the most of their advertisements. Facebook enables you to target your ads very tightly on demographics.

While creating your ad image your creativity is the only limit. It is advisable to use the image area in your advertisement to add words. Ensure that the message is consistent. The title and the picture should convey your message effectively.

Facebook user base is growing. If you have not yet used Facebook ads, it is not a good idea to delay further. Above mentioned tips will help you to make the most of Facebook ads.


Facebook ads: How to make the most of your Facebook ads

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