Are You A Facebook Snob (And if so why?)

Are You A Facebook Snob (And if so why?)

I have to say after marketing online for about ten years and going to lots of different events,meeting cool mentors and inspirational people.  It leaves me in bewilderment when you get the most common type people with little personality. Very little of interest to say, who think they are cool lol..

I saw a message on Facebook the other day from someone talking about how careful they are picking FB friends and how cool they seem to think that is.. Lol When I see people like that I think to myself get a life, this is the start of racism when people go around judging other.

If they had something special to offer the world or a good reason for example they wanted to help 5000 orphans find a home  and saved their requests for the orphans,you could possibly understand.

I have seen one or two Internet Marketers go off their head in their time. Saying I am deleting anyone who is not worthy.. If you aren’t family or my best mate I cannot be your Facebook friend..  Yes they suddenly went from 5000 Friends to 120 overnight giving the middle finger to all their friends fans and customers in the process.

Lets put it this way if you can disturb people with your emails on a daily basis. Would you not have a little ettiquete when they walk into a room and acknowledge them. Or on your Facebook wall..

If not then you are most probably a sad person with little or no morals and I am afraid you are probably to far up your own ass to notice anyway.. Yes you are so cool and your ego agrees so let’s not get you to far away from that…  LOL..

I have to say I have some really genuine cool friends on Facebook and making a book or a few dollars doesn’t turn them into a Facebook tyrant. They realise that their friends on Facebook are some of the people who put them where they are today.. And are grateful and more than happy to acknowledge and communicate with their friends and subscribers.  Yes that is part of the reason why they are so successful.

In their business so next time you are making a snyde comment about who you add on Facebook just remember.. You do not know who your sad judgement is turning down ..  They could be your next million dollar client or the next Mark Zuckerberg looking to JV with you..

So set the big ego aside wise up and have an awesome New Year 🙂


Are You A Facebook Snob (And if so why?)

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  1. Very true…we really don’t know who the person is that we are deleting, or who they might know! I sometimes delete people for their actions, such as abusive comments or if they fill up my news feed with social games, of which I have no interest.

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