Don’t Screw Over Your Affiliates

Don’t Screw Over Your Affiliates

I am tired of seeing how stupid people can behave over the years when it comes to affiliate marketing, I have seen really good companies with a great product or service continually screw over their affiliates time and time again.

Don't Screw Over Your Affiliates

Sometimes they do it deliberately to steal other people’s money and increase their profits other times it can be stupidity or making some programming mistakes.

For me, I say it doesn’t matter why or how just don’t do it in the first place.

If someone is bringing in people to your affiliate program customers you would never have had in the first place. They are trusting you to look after those customers and trusting you to pay them what you stated when they joined the affiliate program.

Not paying them for their effort is a type of theft whether you can understand it or not, why spend years trying to build a good reputation via your products and or services and then flush it down the toilet via your affiliate program.

To me, it makes absolutely no sense? To make a few extra $$$$$$ out of the people who did your work for you?

When you agree on a price or make a deal don’t keep changing the goalposts, even worse and stupider still is changing an affiliate link for a recurring software, tool, or program all this does is mess up the affiliate links and loses you and/Or your affiliates sales and screws up your credibility in the process.

There are 10 major things I have sold now that have had errors in their affiliate programs or links at some stage, to me five of them were at their work the other few were just making stupid mistakes.

Here are a few simple lessons for anyone running an affiliate program.

  1. Instead of using cheap shitty tools and software, get top-quality software to run your affiliate programs.
  2. If you sign up people to an affiliate program keep them signed in as affiliates it is only fair especially if they paid an arm and a leg to become an affiliate and get the commissions in the first place.
  3. DON’T BE A TIGHT ASS WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING COMMISSIONS IF YOU AREN’T PAYING 50% YOU ARE PROBABLY A TIGHT ASS.  If you are selling your own time it could be lower than 50% but for software and courses, a 10% commission sucks unless you are Jeff Bezos, he would be happy to give you 1% and expect you to be grateful 🙂
  4. Make it simple – simplicity works best as not everyone is a digital marketing guru the simpler you make it for them to promote the more likely it is that you and your affiliates will get good results.
  5. Provide multiple ways to promote your affiliate program – different strokes for different folks
  6. Provide ready-made social media copy for your affiliates to share on their social networks.
  7. Provide ready-made banners of different sizes that affiliates can place on their website this will generate you and them free automated traffic to their affiliate links.
  8. Provide ready-made emails to mail out to your affiliates mailing email list along with dates and times for sending out the emails.
  9. create videos or find useful video content that will help your affiliates to sell your affiliate products.
  10. Take some time to train your affiliates on how to use these different marketing methods. If you do you will have an army of well-informed well-trained affiliates selling for you 24/7.

P.S. Some Final Words – If you are thinking of trying to pull the wool over people’s or your affiliate’s eyes you are damaging your own business and reputation, so be genuine look after your affiliates and they will look after you too.

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Don’t Screw Over Your Affiliates

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