Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

If your answer is no then it is time to step up and start now before it is too late.

There are so many people who live in denial in fact everything or everyone is held to blame for their situation. Yes sometimes bad or unexpected things can happen that can set you back for a while.

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Although not everyone is going to like to hear this the truth is that in the majority of cases if your bank account is empty or you are sick on 50 different medications.  In many cases it could actually be your own fault.

For example if you choose to work for a minimum wage then all you can really expect to get paid is the minimum wage.   At the end of the day nobody is going to pay you $100 an hour for flipping burgers in Mcdonalds.

Of course if you could help someone to save $1000,000 in tax this year or increase their companies profit by $5,000,000. You could find yourself with a hefty reward.  But in order to do that you may have to work your butt off for a few years studying tax law and set up your own business.

Yes it may cost you a lot of money to get setup in your business but that’s why you will then be in a position to earn more money. As you will have gained knowledge from running your own business.

The crazy thing is that millions of people work a shitty job for next to minimum wage spend all day watching the clock to get out of it.  Then come home eat dinner and watch TV all night before going to the shop and buying a lottery ticket.

And then saying something like I would love to be a millionaire. And hoping their one in a hundred million chance will transform their empty bank account.   The truth is their actions in life up until now have determined where they end up in life.   And will continue to do so in the future.

The thing is in this day and age you don’t even need 500,000 to start up your own business and get a crazy loan to start the next Mcdonalds franchise.   You can set up your own online business for a few hundred or few thousand dollars depending on how serious you are.

So there really is no excuse for why you aren’t having more success in your life.  When asked why people are not successful they will make all kinds of excuses.  I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough Money, I have got kids, I don’t like money, rich people are greedy or evil.

The truth is the average person spends 8 years of their life in total watching TV.  If I told you how to get another 8 years of time do you think you could get started in your own Internet business part time?  If the answer is no then there is no more explanation needed as to why you do not live a better lifestyle.  It is entirely your own decision.

The bottom line is whether it sounds painful or not. Either you are using your energy in a positive way to push you forward, even if it is indirectly it might even take ten years.

Or you are using your energy being a victim wallowing in pity thinking about what you should have or what you are entitled to. Or thinking about how others have let you down.

The fact is you can pick either one of these as your choice and the majority of the time the result will be down to you.

Do you accept responsibility? That is the question only you can answer my friend.


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Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

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