Can Article Marketing Get Readers to Your Blog?

Article Marketing

What is Article Marketing Really?

Article marketing is a subsection of the overall category of content marketing. Blogs create these articles and then circulate/distribute them to a range of information outlets. The purpose of the article is to gain readership, increase time on page and eventually turn readers into customers. The other purpose of article marketing is to build back links. This kind of marketing is a very frugal but effective way to increase the search engine ranking of a website.

Can Article Marketing Get Readers to Your Blog?

There are many advantages to article marketing. The article has the capacity to increase brand awareness in the reading public. The information given in the article actually solves a problem for the reader. Because the problem is being solved by the information in the article a better relationship is maintained between the blog provider and the potential customer.

The gradual and purposeful increase in page rank and the quality of SEO on a blog can only have a positive impact on the overall stats of the site. More back links proves to the search engine that a network of other sites find that information important enough to be shared.

The inexpensive nature of article marketing keeps the total market expenditure to a minimum. The information goes to work in a viral way and others share the information for free. In addition, once the article is published it stays there indefinitely until the information is out of date. It is an evergreen, never failing marketing action that repeats itself over and over.

Article Directories

Article directories are another way to use article marketing as a strategy. An article may be published to many different article directories and thereby gain even more readership. If the article directory enjoys an excellent page rank or domain authority, then even better. These kind of directories receive many visitors and if considered authority sites by the search engines, then traffic will surely come to your blog.

Article marketing attracts visitors because they contain rich content. This is specific content built around a particular subject that only a specific target market are keen to know. The more specific the information and the greater the use of keywords and keyword phrases used in the article, the greater number of readers may be garnered to it.

Duplicate Content and Article Spinning

Sadly, the blogosphere is rampant with content that has been duplicated and been subject to “Spinning.” Bloggers who don’t take the time to write original content and who are just lazy think they can publish duplicate content or spin an article and get the traffic they need. This is not true and don’t fall for that trap.

The search engines have developed some very sophisticated algorithms that can pick out duplicated, plagiarised and spun content in a millisecond. The search engine will stop this information from being put before the eyes of the searcher. Ultimately, your blog will suffer.

The primary problem with an article spinner is that nobody has been able to realistically change an article that will then be in a completely readable, grammatically correct and informative article. The bottom line is that even with all of our human boasting regarding algorithms and artificial intelligence, we still can’t imitate in its full glory the thoughts of the human mind and the resulting words on the page.

Article Marketing Goals

The essential goal of article marketing is to get traffic from search engines sent to the article so the blog can have its authority and influence enhanced over the internet. The other goal is the leverage the traffic for their blog so that ultimately the reader is influence to become part of something, purchase something or learn something important.

Your goal in article marketing to to provide real value to your readers. The article is also intended to influence the reader to know, like and trust you. As you solve their problems, they will solve yours.

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