The 12 Scourges Of Internet Marketers

The 12 Scourges Of Internet Marketers

Generally, I try and keep things positive in my life and online business as much as possible, but the fact is we are all human and sometimes you have a day that throws you right off.

Yes, a few things come along and add up and then the icing comes along to top off the shit sandwich and Boom a volcano goes off in your head. All the BS gets too much to process and you just say what you feel in the moment.

Well, I can say I have had one of these days today and the only way to get rid of the build-up of all this negativity is to get it all out.  Spread it all out there over the universe, what goes around comes around and for a change, today is my day for spreading back some of that negative energy that gets constantly sent my way by whiners.  Whether it be done knowingly or unknowingly.

So let’s start by talking about all the stuff that really pisses me off about Internet Marketing.

  1. People who drain your time with absolutely no respect of your value, or realization of the value of what they have just been given.
  2. People who don’t listen and hop from one Guru to the next never completing anything they start up.
  3. People who just whine all the time or have a problem because they didn’t take action and do anything.
  4. People who have always got a problem and never do anything to create a solution.
  5. People who have an entitlement mentality, they think they are entitled to free stuff, and doing fluky underhand stuff to steal off others, basically just peddling shit that doesn’t work the only things that work is the promise of the great things this crap training or software is going to do for their income.
  6. People who would sell shit to their granny for a few $$$$, yes they sell shit to their clients just to make a dumb commission without ever providing any long term benefit to anybody.
  7. People who are two-faced say one thing to you and do the opposite.
  8. People who you spend a whole day or days with and afterward they don’t even work their business five days in a row, or 5 days in a month for that matter.
  9. People who don’t contact their mentor to tell them when they need help or have a problem and then have a chip on their shoulder because you didn’t call them every day to ask them what they are doing.
  10. People who do not want to pay experienced mentors any commissions or money for training (It makes them think they are clever)
  11. People who quit, not only do they quit on the work that you did for them, they quit on themselves, they quit a business that would give them a passive income, they quit on being able to create a passive income to sustain their family and loved ones. They need to go back to hitting people up daily on FB messenger to pedal bullcrap while posting smarmy posts about living the life of their dreams. The best part is often they are single or running around with their girlfriend or boyfriend looking for the next beach, thing is any idiot can afford a $50 plane ticket to the next exotic beach, Bring four kids and the family with you and see how financially free you are (this one is fucking hilarious)
  12. This is fucking huge…  People who think it’s okay for you.  You make money…  You get passive income, you make big commissions so stuff you..   We will avoid you getting a penny like the plague, even if we sacrifice our future millionaire status in return for our small fucked up mindset.

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The 12 Scourges Of Internet Marketers

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