Are You Getting Subscribers On Your Blog Or Website?

Are You Getting Subscribers On Your Blog Or Website

If you have a website or blog getting subscribers makes it a lot easier to market and get visitors back to your websites or products or services.  The thing is ten years ago you could have just put an opt-in box anywhere and wrote anything on it and people would put in their name and email and subscribe to your mailing list.

Are You Getting Subscribers On Your Blog Or Website?

Now it tends to be more difficult to build up a list of subscribers as people tend to be more cautious before putting their name on email lists, (That’s the bad news)

The good news is if you work on it and create the right opt-in giveaway you can still build an email list often on complete autopilot.

I have a few lists that I don’t even really want to advertise but still get lots of subscribers from old links I have on some of my websites.

With a bit of creativity and an opt-in software positioned in the right place with the right call to action, it is still possible to create a large list of subscribers from your blog or website.

Of course, the days of clunky opt-in boxes and huge opt-in forms are passed, If you want to build a good subscriber list you want to have smart forms appear in the right places at the right time.

Gone are the days of a huge ugly pop-up page coming in their face and 60% of people putting in their email address.

Even the autoresponder companies are realising this, and are now creating more effected landing pages to send your clients too instead of many of the ugly old fashioned type opt-in boxes.


There are few different paid and free WordPress plugins that have been made for building a list of subscribers but most of them suck and can often be complicated and difficult to use or not work properly, I myself prefer to go for a much smarter piece of opt-in software that makes targeting and building a list of subscribers much easier and does it much more professionally than any of the other things I have tried to date.

There was a reason that Skype sold for Billions and it wasn’t because it was such a great piece of software, the software sucked and is even worse now. The reason it sold for billions was they had an absolutely huge database contact details of nearly a billion people.

If you are serious about creating a business that is worth a lot of money to you or its future buyers don’t scrimp on building a database.  The more targeted names and emails you can get on your database the more your long-term business will be worth.

If you want to build your autoresponder subscriber list I suggest you click the link below and see the software that I use to build my database.


Click Here To Start Building Your Subscribers List


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Are You Getting Subscribers On Your Blog Or Website

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