Are You Updating Your Online Business Skills?

Are You Updating Your Online Business Skills?

In the online business industry if you are going to be truly knowledgable and understand what is going on you have to go out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you need to learn and implement some new skills if you are going to keep ahead of the curve, as different tools and software products come out it is important to know what they do how they work if you are going to be able to figure out that what you are doing is the best thing you can be doing.

Are You Updating Your Online Business Skills?

Yes, there are tools and software I have heard about and am not really too impressed by, but unless I actually test them and see what they are like and the pros and cons of them I cannot possibly with any honesty do a fair comparison or give advice if someone asks me about them.

So even if I am up to my eyes with things to do in my online business right now I started another online business as a test today to find out how it works and if it is any good as I have had a few questions about it in the past and figured it was time to do a bit of investigation.

The thing is in life or in business if you are not updating your skills (And using them) then you are stagnating and not moving forward not getting better and as time online goes by there will be lots of new innovations lots of new tools and software and lots of new business models.

Which means if you want to be on the cutting edge of your game. (You need to keep up to date with them) after a couple of months away in Europe and Bulgaria, I decided it was time to start learning a bit of new knowledge and maybe test a new online business in the process and see how it works.

I often see people who claim to be experts in a business niche when the truth is they often have very little experience or know very little about the business. The only way to get experience is to do the stuff and get your hands dirty get stuck into your business and get things done. 

Unlike some people who seem to spend most of their life being learnaholics, yes they learn all this stuff but instead of implementing it and getting paid they move on to the next thing. They go from learning one thing to the next.

Without actually putting their learnings into practice so they never really become good at anything, and spend their time just looking for the next shiny learning opportunity to grab onto. Which often keeps them broke and in a full-time learning mode, instead of in earning mode. 

What things have you done to upgrade your business skills in the last thirty days and if so what part of those learnings have you put into practice like Tony Robbins says you are either growing or dying so if your skills are not growing chances are they are heading the other way. 

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Are You Updating Your Online Business Skills?

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