14 Tips To Protect Yourself During A Lockdown

14 Tips To Protect Yourself During A Lockdown

Work From Home -By working from home you can earn an income whether your job or traditional business is open or closed all you need is a computer an internet connection and some tools and software and you can make an income online.

14 Tips To Protect Yourself During A Lockdown

Have a few different income streams – Having one income stream is risky I have seen it over and over again people relying on one income stream whether it be a job or business, suddenly something happens and their money stops or worse still they lose their money and end up in huge debt by building up multiple income streams if one or two dries up you still have other income coming in to feed you and pay your bills and if done properly you can still live a good lifestyle.

Buy some cryptocurrency – Cryptocurrency is the new Gold and even if it can be a bit volatile ut a little bit of investment could make you a lot of money it is easy to set up an online account and put away $5 to $50 every week or every month over the long or short term it could make you a huge return on your investment. And if cash crashes badly which is looking pretty imminent crypto may be one of the few other shows in town.

Buy some Gold And Silver – Overtime Gold and Silver has always been a good hedge against inflation if the last 1000 years are anything to go by having some Gold and Silver set aside for a rainy day could be something that could save your ass, if the currency goes to the wall which is looking quite likely at the present moment.

Build up some good credit in case you need money fast – If money becomes practically worthless it may not be great, but having some credit reserves set aside could mean the difference between survival and thriving if used properly of course. I recommend before you start using any credit facilities you learn the difference between good debt and bad debt first or you could end up in financial difficulties.

Keep your car fuel tanks full in case of emergency – During a lockdown people could go into a panic about buying fuel or other things so having your car or cars full of fuel is a good idea in case you suddenly need to travel somewhere and gas stations are closed or there is a fuel shortage caused by a panic.

Stock up well on staple foods in case of a food shortage – During a pandemic or lockdown people can go into a panic and buy up all the foods in the grocery stores, this can make it hard to get certain foods during the last pandemic/lockdown in March everywhere sold out of bread, flour, rice pasta and lots of other everyday foods.  We went to the farm shop and bought 100KG of potatoes a crate of flour and 4 25KG of rice as a friend warned me about an imminent food panic.  A week later hardly any of these foods were available in the supermarkets, even meats, bacon, and sausages were sold out luckily we use pancetta bacon and most people in NI hadn’t discovered it yet so we could still buy pancetta as they left it on the shelves.

keep some emergency power sources candles and batteries – In case of an electric or power shortage things like a generator, some fuel to run it some charged batteries and power packs to run your phone laptops, etc is a great idea also a stock of candles and lighters matches as well maybe even some wood or charcoal so you can light a barbecue if all else fails.

Utilise zoom and other video calling software to keep in touch with friends and family – The greatest asset during a lockdown is software that allows you to video call your family across the world software like Zoom, or Click To Call allows you to make audio or video calls to anyone around the world for a low cost. So even if you or your relatives are locked up you can still interact with them as if they are in the room.

Build an email list in case you need to make some sales in a hurry – If you are in lockdown and are broke having a large email list gives you the opportunity to sell your online products and services to a lot of people. The question is have you started building your email autoresponder list yet?

Have some kind of keep fit or exercise equipment at home – Going to the gym or going out is great if you want to keep fit but what happens when the gyms are closed down or you are not allowed out it’s time for some home exercise equipment, get yourself a good quality exercise back or a weights bench so you can keep fit and healthy while in lockdown.

If you have a garden grow some of your own food – If you have a garden growing some of your own food is a great idea, not everyone will have enough space to grow food for their needs or their family’s needs but even some simple vegetables or herbs or fruit growing in your garden or greenhouse could feed you when all else fails, plus it’s much likely to be healthier and have less toxic pesticides than all the factory grown stuff.

Have multiple bank accounts – If you have money in your bank accounts I would suggest spreading it around a few as you never know when their online banking systems could go down or when the bank could crash financially, I would suggest having a few different accounts and bank cards so you will be more able to access some of your money no matter what happens. Just don’t trust them too much 😉

Invest in toilet paper – This may seem funny but as we saw in the last lockdown nowhere had toilet paper, maybe toilet paper is the new Gold, you could always invest in a toilet bidet which could save you lots of toilet paper so you don’t have to fight over it so badly in the supermarket.

Hope you found these tips useful please bear in mind although I have invested in excess of 30k in my financial education, including an asset protection training course I am not a qualified financial advisor and these are my personal opinions and not to be taken as financial advice.

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14 Tips To Protect Yourself During A Lockdown

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