5 Entertaining Ways to Deal with Stress for Internet Marketers

5 Entertaining Ways to Deal with Stress for Internet Marketers

If you are an internet marketer you are exposed to all different kinds of stress. You are constantly connected on different platforms, dealing with multiple challenges and people. Your working hours are filled with deadlines, funnels, and social media posts.

You are thinking about a “call to action button”, “engagement measures” and interaction. You are multitasking. At times your stress levels are high.  These are the times when you have to take a step back and bring yourself back to balance. 

Here are 5 of my favourite ways to deal with stress as an internet marketer. 

1. Play Spider Solitare 

In the early 90ties when I got my first computer some of my time was spent playing Solitare on my Windows. The rules of the game are very simple and everyone can play it. Recently I have also started playing Spider Solitare. It takes me about 100-120 moves to win.

The best part about this game is that I don’t have to leave my desk and this game is ideal if I am waiting on a zoom call or simply need a few minutes to unwind. My favourite part is the replay button when I know there is no way out :-).

2. Go outside for 20 minutes without your phone 

If you are working from home or from an office, simply leave your phone and do outside for 20 minutes. You can take a short walk or spend some quiet time in your own garden. For some people, their phone is an extension of their hand and they simply feel disabled without it.

Constantly receiving updates and important messages on different platforms is what keeps your stress levels high. When possible leave the working place for 20 minutes and come refreshed and ready to face your next task.


3. Listen to your favourite music. 

You might consider treating yourself to a nice portable speaker and enjoy your favourite music at a chosen location. I  have a massive CD collection which I could never bring anywhere with me. Only chosen songs from the collection were kept in the car.

Now I can listen to any song I like without having to worry that I might “scratch the CD”. I still have my collection, but when I need entertainment I simply play my favourite music. It gives me a boost and also helps me to deal with my next challenge as an internet marketer.

4. Complete a handy job around the house/office/garage 

Taking your mind completely away from internet marketing might be exactly what you need right now. You can start working on a long-term project like replacing your outdoor area or do small jobs daily. Maybe there is a door handle that needs to be replaced or the bathroom tiles grout looks tired and needs to be refreshed, or maybe there is some drawer that needs a new bracket.

Maybe your bicycle tire needs replaced, or its’ chained needs oiled. You can clean your car windows and dashboard and have your car nice and shiny for the next time you are in it.


Take your pick. The beauty about this kind of work is that is very rewarding and you can see almost instant results from your effort.

5. Do some painting /doodle 

Grab a few coloring pencils, crayons felt tips or watercolors. Anything that you have and it’s colourful. Take a piece of white paper and draw/doodle. This is a fast effective and entertaining stress relief method.

You can keep a few colourful pens at your desk and draw something every day. You will find yourself smiling looking at your creations and possibly feeling inspired to tackle your next internet marketing activity.

Why not take advantage of some free online card games

As an internet marketer, you are dealing with different channels, using many tools, and keeping up with budgets and the latest requests. Your stress levels can easily go up and how to deal with it is in your hands. Don’t put it off. Take a break -play a quick Mahjong game, take a walk or simply listen to some music.

When you are relaxed productivity and creativity are much easier to achieve.

5 Entertaining Ways to Deal with Stress for Internet Marketers

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