What Is A Listicle And Why Would You Use One

One of the things that many people struggle with online is coming up with new content to post on their blog or website.

One of the ways you can improve the content you produce is by practicing it regularly, even a master can become rusty when they don’t practice their trade for a long time.

Like me, you may have seen a mention online about someone using or recommending Listicles.

A Listicle is a list of useful resources or links to specific things, it could be in a specific niche or category, a Listicle could be in any niche or category some examples would be

A list of the top watched YouTube Videos

List of the top twenty travel destinations in 2021

The top 100 Cryptocurrencies

List of shares that pay out yearly dividends

List of shares that payout monthly dividends

List of Cryptocurrencies that can be staked and where to stake them to receive residual income

List of all the estate agents in Northern Ireland

List of all the restaurants in Northern Ireland

List of all the takeaways in Northern Ireland

List of all the places to visit  in Northern Ireland

List of the cheapest holiday destinations

List of the most expensive holiday destinations

List of 101 ways to add value to your property

I think you get the idea… 🙂

What you will find is some of the lists will be massive and very informative, therefore many people may also share them for you. this can help your posts and content to go viral.

If you are looking for more information about how to write a listicle  then you may want to check out these two blue links 


This Post Was What Is A Listicle And Why Would You Use One

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