15 Tips To Create A Successful Online Business

15 Tips To Create A Successful Online Business

There are lots of questions when it comes to marketing businesses, products and services online.  But the bottom line is people want more money, more customers and to get more eyeballs on their products and services.

Burgas 3rd March 2014 (40Th Birthday)



So today I decided to come up with 15 Tips To Create A Successful Online Business.  Please note all these tips  are not set in stone, but they will help you grow a bigger online presence and a higher success rate..

1. Create A Daily Video Upload It To You Tube– making sure to add your keywords, tags and full website url in the first line of your video’s description.

2. Use more than one social network to promote your online business. That way if one gets deleted or changes their rules. Your business will not disappear completely overnight.

3. Find someone creating the online success you want and follow what they do, if possible ask them to mentor you.

4. Have a blog or website where your customers  can find out more about you, your products and your services and contact you directly.

5. Post helpful and informative content that your customers or prospects need.  by doing this it will in turn make them like and trust you much more quickly.

6. Be consistent on one online business and make it work before hopping on the next shiny object business or fad.

7. Have belief in your business service or product.  This will hugely increase your chances of success, let’s face it if you don’t believe in it then it will be hard to convince other people to believe in it.

8. Work on your mindset consistently, study successful people and learn to think like them.

9. Every day do something to increase your social media following on one or more of the social networks. By interaction and becoming friends or followers of other people and interacting with them.

10. Decide on what your goals are and start to visualize them, The car you want, the house you want,the partner you want be as descriptive as possible and imagine you being there already. Use all your senses when doing this for the best results.

11. Focus daily on at least three moneymaking activities per day.

Blogging is not a moneymaking activity but these things are remember if you do not promote or share your blog posts, your chances of making money with it are minimal..

A. Advertising the blog on social media sites

B. Creating a video daily with a link to your business products

C. Sending an email to your list of subscribers.

D. Placing a Classified Ad

E. Placing a Facebook Ad

F. Creating a Bing Ad

G. Creating a Google Paid Ad

H.Creating a Twitter Paid Ad

I. Creating a You Tube Video Ad

J. Tweeting about your Business

K. Posting on Pinterest links to your Business

L. Posting Your Business On Facebook Groups And Pages

M. Telling prospective customers about your business.

N. Posting your content on skype.

12. Spend less time gossiping and more time marketing your business.

13. Stop watching Television Soaps and dramas unless you want to be one of them.

14. A balance between working and learning.

I know some people that spend all their time watching trainings,going to webinars,going to events and they never make a penny. Get the balance right 30% Learning 70% Action learning without action is like reading a book about driving a car. You can read the book your whole life but when you get behind the wheel of a car you are clueless dangerous idiot. Unless someone sits beside you to show you what to do.

15.  This is the most important the only way to fail in your online business is quit.  Having a bad mindset can be dangerous but quitting guarantees failure everytime. Stay in the game after everyone else has quit and you will be a winner..

P.S. Building a business that can change your life rarely takes weeks or months in fact it takes years so if you are in it for the short term or looking big money today.. Then forget it look for a high paying job..


15 Tips To Create A Successful Online Business


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