Why you should include Automation in your online business

Why you should include Automation in your online business

When it comes to online businesses there are many different business models.  Anything from product creation to affiliate marketing to advertising or even making money via lead generation.  While all of these business models can and do work for many people.  Not everyone utilises or understands the power and benefits of Automation in an online business.  One of the great things about an automated online business is the fact that you can go away for a holiday like I did last week to celebrate my 40th birthday. Do little to no work while you are away and come back to a $1700 day while you where relaxing with your kids recovering from 8 days of holidaying.

Sozopol Bulgaria March 4th 2014


I can assure you it beats the heck out of working a 9-5 job taking orders from someone on a daily basis.

1. Yes you decide when to take a holiday.

2. You decide who you want to or are going to work with.

3. You set your own wages.

4. You are responsible so there is no need to blame a boss or the economy.

5. You are the one to set a ceiling on your earnings or not too.

6. You can have unlimited online businesses and there is no need to rely upon one income stream.

View From My Hotel In Plaka Athens









Before I went to Greece and Bulgaria  I set a video series for my team who joined at the 15k level or above. The 15k formula  course costs $1000 but gives you the opportunity of making $1000 dollars commissions per sale. Plus also teaches you how to make money blogging.  And automation in your online business in my opinion is priceless..  As I have made a fortune from it many times over in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

Included in this training I teach

1. You Tube Holiday Automation.

2. WordPress Blogging Automation.

3. Social Media Automation including things like Twitter,Facebook And You Tube

You may wonder why you need to be in at the 15k Formula Level to get Access to this.

Well anyone can buy a pizza for $25 and joining our team at the $25 Level is great, but making $25 Commissions is like working in a pizza shop you need to sell a lot of them to make a lot of money..

On the other hand making one $1000 sale a month is the equivalent of selling 40 Pizzas at $25.  If you buy the $25 business I do not think you are taking the business seriously as lets face it a $25 investment in your online business is not really being committed ..  If you set up a restaurant or a hotel for $25  do you think you would have a successful business and would you really be committed.  If you say yes you would be lying to yourself.

Me And Maria Sgagia in Plaka Athens

10Th March 2014

20140310_205106_3 The truth is I only want people who are willing to do what it takes to make alot of money in this business,  So far I have made well over $30k online from this one business so  far.

So I am looking for commitment what you will get in return is personal access to me over Skype, Facebook or even a personal visit whenever I am near your country or  location. Just last week I visited one of my team members in Athens, Greece.






So if you are ready and committed to do what it takes to set up an online business  then

Click Here To Join My Team.

Join at At Least the 15k Level if You want to make a lot of money..

If you are are happy with small $25 commissions then join at $25 but if you are then you are kinds of missing the potential of this business..

2 $1000 sales a month is a 2k a month monthly income and I guarantee you is a lot easier than making 80 x $25 sales a month.

In fact 30% of people who join go in at the $1000 level So 8 $25 sales a month will get you $2200 to $3200  of course if you join at the $25 level you pass up those 2 or 3 thousand dollar commissions as you didn’t own the $1000 product to sell it and it will go to me or one of my upline.  The choice is entirely yours..

I have two team members who have lost in excess of $4000 commissions from not owning products  the question is who will be next.  Definetely not me:-)

My advice to you if you are serious about making money is

Join Our Team Today for $25

Buy The Products

Get plugged into our training and webinars and connect with me personally on Facebook  and we can start to get your online business moving..




Why you should include Automation in your online business

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