How to make an extra $700 a Week with No list,No Inventory

How to make an extra $700 a Week with No list,No Inventory

The crazy thing about marketing online is that it is amazing how many people spend hours watching videos and courses but never actually make a single penny online. I kind of think it is like the hitting your head off a brick wall syndrome. In most cases they are too focused on making money to realize what their customers want or need and give it to them.

Or else they are thinking they know what their customers should want or need and are wrong in many cases. So even though I know certain internet businesses work well and make you more money I am going to presume you are one of the hitting your head off the brick wall crowd. Or maybe you just want an extra income stream online…

Of course if you have been in or studying Internet or Affiliate marketing for a while you will know the hardest thing to find is targeted traffic,leads and to convert sales with this business I am talking about today everything is already in place.

How can this be? Well there are millions of  people daily looking for things to buy credit cards in hand..  The products that are for sale rank near the top of the search engines. In case you haven’t already guessed I am talking about Amazon and Ebay.   All you need is an Amazon buyers account and an Ebay Sellers account.

The hardest part is going to Amazon and looking for products for sale


then you take the product you found on Amazon go to Ebay type in the exact name of the product and check the price..


You then go to Ebay get a pic of the item from Amazon and list it on Ebay remember to add postage to cover any Amazon postage charges or if you have a very high profit margin you might like to include postage for free..

Remember 10 sales of this a week is an extra £20 a week.  If you list 100 products like this per week that could be 2k per week..  Remember this is a very small profit margin product you can do it with products with tens or hundreds of pounds/dollars of profit margins..


Here is the same product listed in Ebay for £20.99 more…

Make 10 sales a week and get an extra £299 a week income

You don’t need any stock or inventory just list the product on ebay when someone buys the product from you.. You then go to Amazon order the product put in the delivery address as your ebay buyers address and you keep the difference…

Top Tips – The more Items you list the more sales you will make so list at least 100 Items if you want to make a lot of money..

Top Tips – Ebay Offer Special Weekends With Free Listings take advantage and save any listing fees by listing your products on Free weekends. 

Top Tips – In order to take advantage of these make sure you have registered an Ebay sellers account..

How to make an extra $700 a Week with No list,No Inventory

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