You Tube – Is Your Account An Accident Ready To Happen

You Tube – Is Your Account An Accident Ready To Happen

Have you recently, or ever had a You Tube account or are you even thinking about creating one in the future?If you have then this post is definetely for you!!

I am a great believer in life teaching you by your mistakes as well as other peoples mistakes but you have to get the lesson in order to benefit from it.

The interesting thing is many of lessons may only be one off. If you miss the learning or don’t get it then there may not be another opportunity in fact in some extreme cases not getting the learning could be fatal.  I think I have posted or mentioned this subject before but I got a couple of reminders recently and thought it was definetely something that could benefit any You Tube channel owners out there.   This post may not get me any brownie points from You Tube but I really think that You / my readers should really understand this lesson as it could cost you thousands of dollars and years of your time if you do not get the point by the end of this post.

At the end of the day You Tube is owned by Google and they are looking out for their own interests and not for yours, some people do not get this but unfortunately that is completely the truth.

What does this mean


7 Things You Need To Know


1. They do not care if you make any money or not from your You Tube Channel

2. The only time they might want you to make money is when you are sharing their adverts on your You Tube channel and they are splitting the profits with you.

3. There are lots of competing channels out there and many of them will use honest or dishonest tactics to out do or get rid of their competition.

4. There are lots of trolls about who go around disliking and flagging videos to get peoples You Tube accounts banned or make them less popular

5. When you contact You Tube about a banned account most of the time it never gets reinstated Unless  you had a huge audience and a large You Tube Ad Revenue from the videos, or you get thousands of your subscribers to complain to You Tube about your account being banned if you have access to them via your email list.

6. When you upload a video to You Tube remember you have no control over it anymore as You Tube host the videos, so if they decide to delete your channel then tough luck your content and income from that account is gone forever.

7. In fact it has got so bad there are even gigs on Fiverr where people can buy You Tube dislikes and who know’s what else.


What can you do to protect your You Tube video content? 

1. Get a list of all your subscribers by making a video offering them a free gift in exchange for their email address.

2. Every video you make save it to a hard drive or computer or at the very least upload it to different video hosting websites.

3. Create separate businesses and create a new You Tube account for each one that way if one account gets banned all your content doesn’t dissapear in one go.

4. In each different You Tube account use a different  URL otherwise they will assume all your accounts are for one business and shut all your accounts down in one swoop.

5. Be careful never to have any copyrighted content in your video even a car driving by with music playing in the background could get your video deleted or your account banned permanently.

6. Don’t think your account will be fine – They have so many crazy rules and regulations and moody employees who might be having a bad day, never assume your channel will be live the next day, week or year. In other words do not rely on it as your only source of income or you may be heading for financial disaster.

7. As well as uploading to You Tube and other video hosting services make sure you also setup a payed video hosting account with Amazon S3 It costs pennies and will keep all your content and memorabilia safe as long as you pay the cheap hosting every month.

8. Anything commercial or even slightly salesy can get you banned or a strike on your account so if in doubt upload it with  the software below and post the video on your blog plus create a separate YT channel for it.

9. Here is a software I Use when I upload every single video it sends it to my Amazon S3 account as well as You Tube accounts so if one of my You Tube accounts dissapear I still have the video live on my other blogs or websites too.

Click Here To Get The Software.


 Of course as well as having your own video hosting you need somewhere safe that you can put your videos, yes you also need a home online for your business and that is where you blog or website comes in.


Click Here To Get A Viral Blogging System 


Remember What I said about learning from other peoples mistakes as well as your own ?


Here is a few reasons why you need to learn from them

A number of years ago a teenager flagged one of my videos for no reason it had 4000 positive comments apart from his and over 20,000 views it was showing people how I managed to get 30,000 Followers on Twitter step by step.

You Tube deleted my video and when I asked them to reinstate it they deleted my whole You Tube account  this included videos making me a couple of thousand dollars a month and  about 300 videos in total.  Videos of my 103 year old grandmother before she died and lots of other precious personal videos.  I asked them to please reinstate my account but they would not give me a clear reason and sent me to their terms and conditions page, where it basically said they can delete your account for whatever reason they want and do not actually need to give you a valid reason.

I was at my friends mothers funeral the other day and was talking to his nephew he told me he had videos flagged for no reason and was worried in case his YT account was going to get banned. As the warnings he was getting made no sense at all.

A friend and member of my team was on holiday for two weeks and some trolls also flagged his videos so while he was away his You Tube account was suspended. It had tens of thousands of subscribers over 1000 Videos and over 6 million views.

Luckily You Tube decided that when he contacted them that he hadn’t broken their Terms of Service(whatever they are Hmmm) and they reinstated his You Tube Channel Again Thankfully.

In fact you can see the email I received which he sent out to his email list today..


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 16.35.55


Click Here To Visit Matthews You Tube Account



Here is what  other  Marketers Have To Say About Their Experiences


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If you haven’t got your own video hosting or your own blog then it is like building your house in your neighbours garden.  Good luck with that if you are trying to set up a serious successful business online.


Here Is The Software I Use For My Videos 



Here Is The Viral Blogging System  Which Has made me Over $50,000 Of Sales So Far


To upload 1000 You Tube videos and edit them could take you 5 years even though You Tube may be Free you need to put a value on the time you spent creating them and believe me it is a lot more than a few dollars a month for a blog and autoresponder, and a couple of hundred dollars for the video software you need to convert them.

N.B. Remember You Tube can wipe out all this work in 1 minute.. 


P.S. Listen I am  not telling you not to use You Tube I am just telling you to have a backup plan in place.  The fact is you can get a lot of free traffic from You Tube and there are lots of ways to make money from your videos as long as your account is not banned.By some trigger happy troll, competitor or You Tube employee who is having a bad day.  If you are in anyway serious about your online business though!  I would suggest putting some of the safeguards or even all of them in place. That way all your content and years of work will be safe.  🙂



You Tube – Is Your Account An Accident Ready To Happen

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