10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies

10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies


1. Upload A Profile Picture of yourself or a person who will represent your business or company not only a logo on Social Media Profiles

2. Interact remember some of these people are human so treat them like that and remember. You won’t always be communicating with a robot or bit of software even if it happens from time to time.

3. Make sure you put in some information about you or the business you represent on Social Media

4. Customise Your Profile and make it unique to yourself and or your business if you represent one.

5. Remember Social Media is all about communication so if someone sends you a message feel free to send them one back. Giving and receiving interaction is important if you want to be noticed.

6. Remember to tell your friends and followers on Social Media exactly what you want them to do, as not everyone online has psychic abilities. EG.   Go visit my blog, Click here to get your free gift, follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook, Subscribe to my You Tube Channel ETC…

7. Don’t message people on Social Media to sell them your great business opportunity, especially if you have never talked to them before. It is plain rude and a waste of their time and in most cases yours as well.

8. If you want more interaction on social media ask questions and provide your readers with the answers to questions they have. The richest people get paid for solving problems so find a problem you can get paid for solving and start charging for it.

9. Remember these two great wealth secrets! People get paid for solving problems or creating value for others.  The same rules apply with Social Media.  So if you aren’t solving anyone’s problems or creating any value on social media then you probably don’t make a lot of money.

10. Always remember when advertising on Social media your business is an island. Your social media accounts are bridges sending traffic back to your island.  The problem for most people is they get lazy and don’t build enough bridges back to their island.  So the customers never come.  Don’t spend all your time setting up websites and social media accounts spend about 20% doing that and the rest of your time marketing.  Getting people back to your blog, website or business if you want to be successful.



10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies

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