Why You Should Add Property To Your Investment Portfolio

Why You Should Add Property To Your Investment Portfolio

If you want to live comfortably later in life investing is a regular worthwhile habit you should have, after recently doing a really good investment course recently I have picked a number of different things that I am investing in.

As someone who used to buy fix-up and rental properties, I stopped letting out properties in the UK in 2007 just before the UK property crash I bought a couple of properties in Germany one of which was also rented out for the time that I owned it. I purchased one of the German properties with a sitting tenant in it.

In 2006 I started my own online business and sidelined my property business for 12 years but after doing A recent investing course I have decided to use property, as one of my multiple income streams.

Here are a few of the things I am already or am planning to invest in

  1. Cryptocurrency

2. NFT’s

3. Gold And Silver 

4. Gold Backed Crypto Currency

5. Property Bridging Finance 

6. Buying Property To Let

7. Buying Property To Fix Up An d Flip

8. Buying other Property Investments 

9. Land Development

10. Buying Commercial Property 

11. Buying Commodities

12. Buying Stocks And Shares

13. Buying Monthly Dividend Stocks and Shares

14. Crypto Mining 

For my own income, I have also created multiple passive income streams from various products and services based in the Digital Marketing and Affiliate Marketing industry.

Even though there can be a lot of great returns on Crypto and stocks and shares often with a lot less effort in many cases I think it is also wise for people to also have some property investments in their portfolio over time as property and land generally tend to increase in value and as more people buy and occupy the property and land the prices are likely to increase. 

Although every decade or so there can be property price fluctuations booms and recessions, smart investors can generally cashflow their way through the bad cycles if they get their figures right when buying an investment property/properties.

If you have not yet bought property/real estate here are some reasons you should own some property investments.

  1. Only a limited supply – when it comes to certain types of property there is a limited supply for example good seafront properties, in a downmarket seafront properties may also go down in price but on average they generally hold their value better and fetch higher premiums as more people want to buy them.  
  2. They aren’t going anywhere – Unlike Crypto and commodities, they are solid and are needed for housing and many businesses and for rentals so will keep being valuable to the right targeted buyers. 
  3. They can be used for borrowing money and leveraged – Unlike Crypto stocks and shares many institutions private investors and banks will be happy lend you money when you have land or property as collateral this protects their investment because if you cannot pay them back they can take back your land or property.
  4. You can leverage the value of your property by taking a loan to buy other land and property and then you can also leverage the new property that you buy as well using loans to invest in other things.
  5.  You can create value in properties by improving or expanding them and in turn, increase the value of your asset by a lot in many cases

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Please note that non of this is financial advice just my own personal opinion on these subjects

The value of Property, Crypto, Stocks, Shares, Gold, And Silver Can Go Up Or Down In Value Leaving You Out Of Pocket So Please Do Your Research Before Buying Any Of These Things. 




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3 thoughts on “Why You Should Add Property To Your Investment Portfolio

  1. Your journey through various investment avenues, especially the revival of property investment, is truly inspiring. It’s impressive how you’ve diversified your portfolio with a mix of traditional assets like property and modern ones like cryptocurrency and NFTs. Your insights about the stability of property investments and their versatility as collateral for borrowing money are spot on.

  2. I stumbled upon this article and it really convinced me about the importance of adding property to my investment portfolio. Sotiris lays out a compelling case, touching on stable cash flow, long-term appreciation, and the ability to leverage assets, making a strong argument for the versatility of real estate in a diversified investment strategy. What struck me most is how the article not only focuses on the financial gains but also highlights the tangible nature of property investment, providing a sense of security and serving as a reliable hedge against market volatility. It’s got me seriously considering the role of real estate in shaping my investment portfolio.

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