Top Ten Ways To Run Your Vehicle In A Fuel Crisis

Top Ten Ways To Run Your Vehicle In A Fuel Crisis

If you have been at the fuel pump recently you will have probably noticed the astronomical prices of fuel.

With the big oil companies continually increasing their profits everyone is getting the sharp end of the stick, the prices in supermarkets, food outlets, and also gas and electric companies hiking their prices even for solar or wind-powered energy users.

This is stretching the budgets of many people to their limits and making things that people did regularly like going out in their cars for an outing a much rarer luxury than they should be.

In today’s post, I would like to talk about some more ideas for how you can lighten the effect that this may actually have on your finances. And things you can do that could make a difference.

  1. Refuse to take part in the robbery – If enough people stop buying fuel or using their car for an amount of time it will financially cripple the oil and gas companies.
  2. Protest get signs on your car post comments and memes everywhere write letters to your government authorities and sign petitions to have energy companies’ prices capped, they want to regulate everything else. Is it not about time they regulated the people who are robbing the whole planet?
  3. If you have more than one car and space on your property then swap around the insurance and only use each car for a few months at a time.
  4. Buy an economical car no need to buy a tiny box car to get good mileage per gallon there are lots of good size cars that can drive 40 or 50 MPG especially diesel cars I tend to go for Diesel Saab 93s 1.9TID or VW Passat 1.9TDI, VW Transporter TDI if you need more seats or a diesel Mercedes can also give good MPG.
  5. If you buy a car that is over 40 years old in Northern Ireland it is tax-exempt and exempt from MOT tests. Having no road tax can save you up to £550 pounds per year and not having MOT can save you tens hundreds or in some cases maybe even thousands in unnecessary repairs they failed our Chrysler MOT this year for a tinted window that was on the car for ten years hardly a safety issue.  If it is a second car you can also get classic car insurance if your car is over 20 years old my 30-year-old Mercedes 124 3 Litre Diesel Insurance premium went from £1100 a year insurance to £150 per year using classic car insurance (A saving of £950 pounds per year).
  6. If you are an employee you could increase your hours in work maybe do some overtime or get a pay raise, before doing this check that it won’t put you into a higher rate tax band that might end up losing you money. 
  7. If you are self-employed again you could raise your prices to include the new cost of travel and equipment, work more hours or employ staff to work more hours and open your business a few extra hours or even an extra day per week.
  8. Type out a Google document look at all the things you pay for monthly and see which ones you can cut out or reduce to increase your cash each month. Remember in many cases reducing your expenditure can increase your cash. Of course, if it is for business stuff that you need to create income then keep paying it. 
  9. Car Share – Look it’s not my scene to always have 5 people in my car but if it saves you all money it could also keep your costs down, if you work with other employees you could take turns to drive each other to work so instead of driving to work 5 days you could each drive once a week. 
  10. Create some extra online income streams – There are countless ways to make money on the internet why not choose some new ones today that can help you make more money.

A little bonus tip I learned as a twenty-year-old many years ago.

Don’t underestimate the price of fuel economy if traveling any distance to work or for social domestic and pleasure purposes it can cost you the equivalent of two monthly mortgage payments.  Not buying a property near where you work or need to travel to can be really expensive if your car’s fuel economy sucks this makes it much worse.

When I was twenty I had four jobs all over the country one of them was also a driving job I was paying £10 a day for petrol for my car, my car was getting on and after a few calculations I decided to change up to a newer model (Not always a great idea) The new car was a Golf TDI and I noticed my fuel spending went from £10 every day to £10 every three days a saving from £300 to £100 a month (£200 in savings monthly). I took out a monthly payment with a finance company for £268 pounds a month so for an extra £68 a month I got to drive a much better newer (More valuable car) Worth £12,000 instead of £2000.

P.S. Remember as I said earlier in this article the easiest way to manage and work out your finances is to write everything down on a notepad or a google document this could end up increasing or saving you a lot of money that can go towards your extra fuel costs.

Top Ten Ways To Run Your Vehicle In A Fuel Crisis

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