Why Spying On Your Competition Could Take Your Websites Down

Why Spying On Your Competition Could Take Your Websites Down

The last few weeks I have been having some serious difficulties with some of my websites going down, in fact not only did a few websites go down but the whole server went down.  So I couldn’t even log into WHM to reboot the server, in fact each time I had to contact my hosting provider.

Why Spying On Your Competition

The problem with some hosting providers in fact the majority of them in my experience do not actually listen.  For this reason something like your server going down which should take 10 mins to fix ends up taking normally the best part of an hour.

In fact after all the hassle I have been through recently I was getting ready to move my websites to another hosting account.    For someone with as many websites as I have this is no small deal and something I only do when there is no other alternative.

Thankfully one of my family members twigged on what was going on this morning.   And I was like OMG a lightbulb went off in my head.  You see recently I bought this SEO software, it works as an extension on Google Chrome as well.   So I installed it on chrome, although it is a great piece of software and gives you lots of great information and stats.

I figure because it goes in to every single detail about the website like traffic broken links, indexed urls etc.  When logging onto multiple sites on my server it brings the server down as it is checking all these stats on lots of different websites at once.

I had added a new Live chat software and I thought this may have been the culprit.

But then someone said to me your sites seem to go down every time you login to them from your iMac.  So I finally figured it out and although I plan to keep using the plugin in the future, I have no intention of using it on m y own website so I disabled the Chrome SEO extension and now everything seems to be working fine again 🙂

I had absolutely no reason to imagine that adding an SEO Extension to Google Chrome would bring my server down, but it did.  One of the things about blogging and Internet/Digital marketing is you learn something new every day.  🙂


In fact it is sometimes amazing how little it can take to mess up an online business that took years to build.  And that why it is sometimes the smallest bit of knowledge can be the difference between having an online business or being out of business.

I did a Live Training on Facebook last night of some other things that could effect your website or hosting account.


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Why Spying On Your Competition Could Take Your Websites Down

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