Things I Wished I Had Known When I Was A Kid

Things I Wished I Had Known When I Was A Kid


Things I Wished I Had Known When I Was A Kid
Things I Wished I Had Known When I Was A Kid

Yes I was told that when adults spoke you listened. So in the beginning it was kinda like people who have been brainwashed with the gospel. If you where told something by other adults it must be true right?

It’s something people do they learn from their parents and these teachings move down from generation to generation changing a little along the way.

Really today there are still lots of things being taught from our ancestors which are obsolete today, but people’s programming makes them continue on exactly the same path that they have been taught.

The crazy thing is some of those ideas might have come from ancestors who lived 500 years ago. Who believes a few things might have changed since then?

I remember my grandad, many years ago he used to work in Harland And Wolff that was the shipyard in Belfast that built the Titanic. He used to get and go to work at 6am every morning to go to work and knock his pan in all day building ships. So that he could pay the bills.

He would tell me stories of getting hit on the head with a sledghammer, having nails in his finger, getting his finger hit with the hammer etc. Living this lifestyle had a bad effect on him by the time he was 70 he had arthritis and found it very hard to walk.

His father before him had the same job also working on the Harland and Wolff shipyard and was one of the ones who worked on building the Titanic. Yes in those days that was what you do get a job in the only place you could. Why because that was the programming you where given.

Who knows if my grandpa had of read one or two books it could have completely changed his life. What if he had read a book like Rich Dad Poor Dad or actually stepped outside his life and thought what else could i do.

He could have lived a much longer happier and even better life but that is what programming can do to people.  They start running a program and then one day after 60 years they waken up and realise they are 80 years old and their life is nearly over.

And what have they done ?  The same bloody routine that kills them for 40 plus years.

I have a confession to make my eldest son thinks that a lot of the stuff I learn or teach is of no interest to him. So he wanted a game which is on special offer now normally I would buy them computers, games’tablets etc. But I noticed they don’t really look after or appreciate things as much that they haven’t bought themselves.

So I told him that I would pay him the money he needed if he reads 6 books by next week.

This education could and will possibly be worth hundreds of thousands or millions of pounds over his lifetime and what better way to get him in touch with something, he thinks that he isn’t interested in.

The books I gave him to read are.


Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

Speedwealth By T Harv Ecker

How To Get Rich Without Cutting Up Your Credit Cards by Robert Kiyosaki

Real Estate Riches By Dolf De Roos

The Richest Man In Babylon


Last night he read the first hundred pages of Rich Dad Poor Dad and I got a lot of inquisitive questions as he was reading through the book.  Definetely a good sign :-).

I was about 26 years old and driving a taxi when a man told me about Robert Kiyosaki’s first book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I  also play online monopoly and Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101 game from time to time with my kids as well.

Anyway back to topic of this blog post I was going to write about this but think it may make more sense to be put into a list.

Things I wished I had known as a kid.

Why should I learn from you?

  1. If your parents didn’t make 100 million pounds then there is no way they can advise you how to make your first 100 Million.
  2. If your parents had a bad relationship then there was no way they could show you how to have a good relationship, unless you watched them and did the opposite of what they did.  I used to use this concept with my father for a long time for different things.
  3. Just because someone is given a title be it teacher,doctor,priest,government worker(normally with a huge ego to make up for their crummy job) Real Estate Agent,Financial Advisor(One of my favourite jokes)Mortgage Broker (quite often they are more broke than you) doesn’t mean that they actually know what they are talking about
  4. What qualifies you in order for me to take your advice?
  5. Have you succeeded in doing what I want?
  6. Did you attempt to do what I want to do but fail or just miss and why.
  7. If you are rediculing or making fun of me what qualifies you?  ( A great one for school)
  8. Authority normally a man with a big ego what is behind that ego. Is it government theft or is it a genuine concern to help or keep you safe?
  9. Stop living in fear, about 95% of people lives are controlled by fear if you want to be successful you need to work out whether there is really any justification for your fear, or is it your brain trying to keep you in your comfort zone.
  10. People who always live in their comfort zone do not make many breakthroughs .


Some life lessons I learned

  1. Money will improve your happiness if you know how to manage it.
  2. The government is not a group of people elected to look after you and the country they are private with profit corporations who try to steal as much as they can off you and they do this by programming you with fear and legislation which really is not lawful at all.
  3. Learn to work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
  4. Don’t be an employee unless you want to be a complete slave(sheep) for your government.
  5. Look in alternative places for health and wealth information not government websites.
  6. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are killing you avoid them like the plague.
  7. Charities are run as a business many of them pay employees and premises and even worse in many cases the money goes to pharmaceutical companies to produce more drugs which kill or poison us.  Sickness is a billion dollar industry and in order to make billions pharmaceutical companies DO NOT WANT US CURED!!!   THEY GIVE TREATMENTS NOT CURES..
  8. Watch what you drink Fluoride and chlorine in water and swimming pools coke is more toxic than battery acid and aspartame in your diet coke and chewing gum causes cancer when tested on 80% of rats.
  9. Watch what you eat GMO’s food that is designed for you to eat and insects to drop dead when they land on it?  Doesn’t make much sense if you want to kill a plant feed it with microwaved water for a week.  How do you like your food or water heated in the microwave?  In Russia microwaves where banned by law.
  10. Why get radiated to cure a disease caused by toxicity and radiation?
  11. Mamograms = Radiation  Xrays= Radiation There is no point getting more radiation than chernobyl to kill cancer cells via chemotherapy as it will kill you and give you more cancer in the long run It’s not rocket science.  There are hundreds of natural cures like cannabis look em up.
  12. Most diseases are caused by bad lifestyle and or diet reverse this and you can reverse most of the diseases.
  13. Beware of the dentist read up on the truth about root canals, mercury fillings and fluoride before you let them damage you for life.
  14. Don’t be a sheep, normally the herd get slaughtered  they are the 99% think for yourself and don’t always follow the direction of the crowd.
  15. Don’t take it to heart if people say bad things they could be talking about themselves, this goes for teachers, parent’s,relations,government employees,  and if you do want to use it make sure that you use it to drive you forward.
  16. Wars are designed by the elite corporate owners to make them trillions in profits, not for world safety. Most of the terrorist attacks are created or orchestrated in order to get reasons to go to war and reduce the world population by 90% which is their plan. you can find it written on the Giorgia guidestones if you are in any doubt google it.
  17. Money will make you more of what you are if you are a bad person you will be able to pay for more bad stuff like wars, murder etc.  If you are a kind or good person you will be able to make the world a better place. Help to feed and house more people and create life changing products and services to improve peoples lives.   That’s right money isn’t evil some people are.
  18. Dairy products are not good for you especially cows milk we where not designed to suck on cows teets so why are we drinking from them? Try alternatives like cashew milk, almond milk,hazelnut milk,rice milk,coconut milk or oat milk.
  19. Sugar causes more cancer and disease than most other things so do not be a sugar addict and if suffering from a disease or illness stop the sugar completely.

Things I Wished I Had Known When I Was A Kid

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