Why Am I Doing All My Buying On One Debit Card

Why Am I Doing All My Buying On One Debit Card

Just over 10 years ago A friend of mine told me about what seemed like a great business it was a company that offered you cashback when you shop. To join at the premium level to get all these amazing benefits (Are you detecting a hint of sarcasm yet) it cost £1800 but you were told that you could shop your money out (More Waffle LOL) so anyway I joined being an online marketer I thought to myself this would be an easy sell and a great way to get some money back.

The truth was after joining it became apparent the company where morons, it was like putting some dinosaurs in charge of a technology company.  In order to sign a new customer up members were visiting prospects taking them through a two-hour sales speel before signing them up using their own agent pin number.  As I had no idea how to sign up new members because it was so ridiculously complicated when I figured it out I made a step-by-step video showing how to sign up a new customer.

I uploaded the video on Youtube and within a few weeks it had 10,000 views obviously the video was something new members needed, within two weeks I got an email from the companies solicitors telling me my video showed the back office and this was against copyright regulations so if I didn’t remove it they would sue me.

At this stage, although I already knew it I decided any company who would take down a video helping them to sign up new members and their members to sign up new members might have a mentally unstable board of directors so at this stage I stopped promoting it to anyone.

What I can tell you from this experience is that I realised so many people want to get money back on their shopping. Why you may ask?  Well, I set up a simple capture page with a video offering people cashback on their shopping, and without even advertising it got over 1000 names and emails of people wanting to join the company that I was not even promoting.

As the company did not allow people to sign up without a pin I created a registration form so if they wanted to join they could fill in all their details and then I could add them manually in the company back-office.


Lots of people jumped through hoops to fill in all the gibberish they wanted in order to set up an account.  And I do mean some serious gibberish. So it was definitely something people wanted or needed.

Here were the drawbacks,

Problem 1 in order to sign up people needed to order £200 or £300 pounds worth of shopping vouchers and they needed to choose exactly what retailer they were going to spend a certain amount of money with.

Problem 2 if you didn’t order at least £200 worth of vouchers you didn’t qualify for free postage for your vouchers the postage on orders below £200 was £3 at the time £2 or £3 was the average cashback for every £100 that you spent so if you didn’t decide who and where to spend £200 with there was very little point in ordering the vouchers.

Problem 3 Signing up a new premium member or even a shopping customer was a nightmare and the process could easily take up to an hour or two.

Problem 4 The top companies that signed up to take part in the program all left

Problem 5 One of the biggest reasons people signed up was to get money back on their Petrol or Diesel this was stopped by Tesco and Asda when they left the program and although it still worked in Morrisons in Mainland UK in Northern Ireland these options were now gone.

Problem 6 in order for the customers to get their money back the retailers had to pay the cashback back to this company this would also be a nightmare for the retailers and then I am sure the accounts were not any easier.

Problem 7 Running out of vouchers at busy times

Problem 8 Money to buy vouchers had to be sent manually to the company bank account and took a day or up to three days on weekends as they closed at the weekend.

Problem 9 Closed at the weekend try getting support at the weekend when your money disappears into virtual cyberspace and the company are closed.

Problem 10 Changed their compensation plan to one that sucked even more than the first one.  I signed up over 30 customers and never got a penny.

Needless to say here I am 10 years later and although I do not use the company above anymore (I wonder why?) I am getting 3% back on all of my shopping no matter where I shop.

I am now using a company with people running it who have some brains.

Why is that you may ask?

Firstly I get paid back 3% on all my transactions in CryptoCurrency but before you get worried this can be changed at the click of a button on your smartphone into your own currency

Up until recently, I was putting all of my transactions through Revolut as it automatically saved any loose change from transactions in a vault of my choice. 

However, once I got my new Crypto card and started getting 2% now 3% Crypto back on all my shopping all my transactions get put through my Crypto card whenever possible, that way I can now get money back wherever I shop using my Visa Debit Card.


Here are some of the problems solved by using this new system

  1. No vouchers need to be ordered in order to get your money back
  2. Payment is instant no waiting for days or months to get paid your cashback
  3. Get money back on your shopping
  4. Get money back on your Fuel Petrol Diesel, Gasoline 
  5. Get money back on your Home Diy or building material costs
  6. Get money back on big purchases when you buy a Tesla or a conservatory.
  7. The base card is available with only a tiny postage cost and pays you 1% back in Crypto on all your purchases. 
  8. You get paid instantly at your currencies value at the time of the transaction into Crypto 
  9. You can convert Cryptocurrency into your currency Euros, Pounds, Dollars, or any other currency of your choice instantly at any time. 
  10. You can do everything on a simple app on your smartphone.

There are different levels of card you can get I am at the 3% cashback Card Level with is the Jade Green Card you can upgrade to the 2% cashback Ruby Card by buying £300 of their Cryptocurrency when you upgrade to this level when you use the link below they pay me a $25 dollar referral fee in Crypto and they also pay you $25 as well.

Click Here To Take Advantage Of This Offer


Click Here To Book A Free 30 Minute Call For More Details On How To Get Cashback When You Shop


Why Am I Doing All My Buying On One Debit Card

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One thought on “Why Am I Doing All My Buying On One Debit Card

  1. You might be thinking that “If I need to buy all my items online, it’d be best to purchase everything from a single provider.” You say this because buying from multiple providers can cause the bills to get mixed up. In addition, it doesn’t matter which card you use at checkout so there is no reason to use multiple ones. For those that don’t know, the card itself is just an ATM. After spending all of your money on the machine, you still have to load your new purchases back on to the same ATM to transfer it back into your bank account.
    Now let us do it the hard work for ya and tell you why buying from one company will make things so much easier.
    First off there is less work needed on your part. If one retailer has an issue they simply change providers until everything works well or has new problems that are solved for good. If you have some extra cash at hand you could easily drop some more, go over your total by and purchase items online from whichever service you want without having to worry about the bills coming in from all different providers. They are always available, don’t forget!…
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