What Is Negative SEO?

What Is Negative SEO?

Obviously, you’ve heard the term “Negative SEO” a lot. But is it real? Does it actually happen? How does it happen? What are the aspects of negative search engine optimization?

You’ll get all the answers to your inquiries from our article.

You don’t need to be worried what you heard about this attack. In our article, we’re going to explain this term as much simple as possible.

Keep reading. Definitely, you’ll learn a lot about Negative SEO Services


Negative SEO- What Is It, indeed?

Negative SEO is one of the controversial topics within the SEO community. Its definition seems difficult for someone as most of the time the topic is scarcely discussed. Undoubtedly, this is a broad issue. But in a very simple word, Negative search engine optimization is a process taken to your site to harm its ranking in search engine results.

This malicious attempts may include content scraping, building unnatural and spammy links to target site. The aim of negative search engine optimization is to get your sites penalized by Google.


Negative search engine optimization isn’t always the result of your competitor’s attempts to demote you. Most people think that it only happens when your competitor attempts to attack your site. In fact, it may happen to an individual if he builds spammy backlinks.


How Does Negative SEO Happen?

Negative search engine optimization is real. It can be intentional. In fact, it takes a significant amount of resources, time and ability to get a negative attack against a site. But hackers or your competitors always do it? Not at all. Unintentional Negative search engine optimization attack can also happen.

But, how?

Your hired SEO professionals, your employees or even you yourself can apply outmoded black hat tactic, thinking it’ll help your site to promote ranking.

Negative SEO uses search engine algorithms against the target sites by simulating spam behavior. It makes the target site look like that the site owner is using black hat link building tactics to boost site’s ranking. Usually, this type of SEO creates a whole bunch of low-quality links pointed at the site. Consequently, search engine hits the target with a link penalty. This has drastic effects on incoming traffic and ranking.


What Are The Different Types Of Negative SEO Attacks?

Negative search engine optimization has two aspects:

  • Negative Off- page SEO
  • Negative On- page SEO

Negative Off- page SEO

  • Attack the target site without any internal interference.
  • Manipulate with negative SEO link building and point them to the target site.

The main off-page SEO threats are:

  • Link farms
  • Scrapers
  • Fake reviews
  • Click fraud

Negative On- page SEO

  • Much more difficult to implement.
  • The attack focuses on hacking into the target site.
  • Introduce viruses, disrupt your site’s coding and havoc with everything you built.

The main off-page SEO threats are:

  • Altering your content
  • Getting the site de-indexed
  • Modifying Redirects
  • Hacking your site


Final Message

Negative SEO is a threat to your growing site and business reputation.

Hence, you should be aware of this attack and take all possible measures to prevent these activities.

What Is Negative SEO?

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