The SEO Myths That You Should Know About

The SEO Myths That You Should Know About

SEO is a useful tool that many people use to increase or improve their website ranking but still, the impact and importance of this tool are debated. There are many people who still doubt the importance of SEO and label it unnecessary. SEO for them is a myth that seldom works and is no less than a well-thought scam. This notion is however completely wrong and based on little or no evidence. To help you become more aware of the importance of SEO, here are some of the common, totally false myths regarding SEO.

The SEO Myths That You Should Know About
The SEO Myths That You Should Know About
  1. You Don’t Need Help To Implement Good SEO

SEO is not a simple procedure that only requires a couple of techniques or a number of fixed steps. Many people believe that with a few tweaks here and there, they can improve their site’s SEO. They don’t believe in hiring experts and try to do everything on their own. This is a fine tactic only if you are well versed in SEO and have spent a considerable amount of time studying and researching this field. If you have not done the aforementioned, then it is better to employ an SEO expert because SEO is not as simple as it sounds and it actually involves a considerable amount of time to implement. To get concrete and good results, it is always better to hire an expert like SEO Perth.

  1. Social Media Is Not Important

This might have been true about ten years back but with the advent of popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, social media has become an important part of SEO. If you can promote your website on the social media then this would actually help your Google ranking indirectly. The Google search result will incorporate social media posts about your websites when people search something related to your niche. Therefore, understand the important relationship between social media and SEO.

  1. Only the text matters

Many people used to ignore everything and just concentrate on the text of their website because the old Google bot only saw text while deciding the rank of the website. This, however, has changed and now the crawler can see the website’s presentation and decide if it good enough for the users or not. The engine can read advanced website programs like CSS, Javascript etc. For example, if someone searches your website on their mobile and you haven’t implemented a mobile layout then your website won’t show in the Google search.

  1. You Need To Keep Updating

The other common myth that people hold is related to the number of times they update their homepage. They think that by updating their home page number of times, they would improve their ranking but this is not true. If there are no major changes in your content or niche, updating continuously will make no difference in your website ranking.

  1. Content Is Not Important

Improving your website rank will require changing a number of things but the single most important thing among them is switching to good content. If your website has everything but lacks in content, then it will lose importance over a period of time. Backlinks, authority sites etc are only secondary when it comes to good content and these tools, even if they are excellent won’t be of any help if the user is not satisfied with your content.

So the above were some common myths regarding SEO that most people generally believe in. We hope this article made you more aware of this very important tool. Comment below to let us know what you thought!


The SEO Myths That You Should Know About

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