Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Getting to your dream lifestyle takes work. In fact a heck of a lot of it. Tell me a billionaire who is lazy, and I will show you a Coca Cola can that has flew 5 times to the sun and back.  The thing is since a very early age I was always focused on being wealthy and living a well above average lifestyle.

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Along the way you will meet so many energy vampires who have absolutely no intention of ever doing anything with their lives, apart from a once a year trip to Spain, sitting all day in a coffee shop or going to the bar or club at the weekend to get out of their mind on drink and or drugs to lift them out of their sad reality.

The thing is, if it was a mate you saw once a year, or a grumpy next door neighbour, that would be okay. But the truth is you can wake up married to them.  It could be one or both of your parents or it could be one of your business partners who end up beating on you constantly with their negativity train.  Yeah, one minute you are positive, focused, excited and raring to go. Then this negative person (Negativity Train) hits you travelling full speed ahead.

I believe success is also very dependent on your overall attitude. People who want stuff but don’t do anything to get it are wannabes. The thing is nearly everyone wants to be or have something.  Unfortunately wanting without doing leaves billions of people worlds away from their goal or dream and you may be one of them.

The thing is, it is really simple to start changing it.

1. The first thing you have got to do is be honest with yourself.

There is nothing worse that will hold you back than telling yourself an untrue BS story. If your life sucks, admit it and then work out why. And start making some necessary changes.

2. Stop the excuses. While you make excuses you are giving yourself a way out of everything.

Making an excuse is easy if you want to quit and never achieve anything and be broke just make an excuse at every opportunity.

3. Look at your bank account, take an inventory of what assets you have.

If you have an empty bank account, and your asset balance is empty, you have screwed up along the way. Question is what are you going to do about it starting from now?

4. Take a good look at your relationships and see how they are doing.

How do you get on with your kids, friends, spouse, business partners etc.

5. Take a look at your health and ask yourself and your body what kind of job am I doing with this.

If you look at it properly and don’t BS yourself about it you will be able to see exactly where you are.

6. If you are approached by Mr or Mrs negative, take another seat, tell them you are busy, or you are just going off to have a manicure.

7. Sometimes people you love or care about won’t believe in you! Get over it!!

It’s not your problem; that is their problem, the only one who can hold you back from success is you.

8. Don’t be a victim!!! Do you ever run into someone who everything happens to? The thing is, they are so focused on all the things that happen to them that they forget that it is up to them to make things happen.


When I was 19 I was a member of a MLM that offered cheaper calls. I remember Derek Ross the CEO told us and it is one of my favourite sayings to this day.


There are 3 kinds of people

People Who Make Things Happen.

People Who Watch Things Happen.

People Who Say What Happened.

Which one of them are you going to be??

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Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

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