What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

If you are brand new to marketing online you may not even know yet what solo ads are.  So let’s cover the basics of what solo ads are and how you can use them to generate an income on the Internet.  Recently I joined a well known solo ad company, and even though I know there are lots of different ones and some are a lot more responsive than others.

I joined this one . The reason for this is because I get regular emails from top online marketers which I actually open regularly.  So if top earners are using this company to mail regularly, then you gotta figure out there must be a reason for it.   And if lots of Internet Marketers like me are opening the emails, then they are bound to be getting a good income, especially when they send out a good offer or business opportunity.

Solo Ads are generally companies or individuals who have built up a large list of subscribers, they have collected their basic information minimally their email address and then you can approach that person or company and pay them to mail their list for you.  Or do a joint venture with you.   For example, if you both have big lists they might send out an email for you about your product or service to their list.   And in exchange you might send out an email for them to your list.

A lot of the top earners in the affiliate marketing industry use Solo Ads, Banner Advertising and also Other paid advertising methods to generate a substantial income online.  So if you haven’t yet looked or tried this method of getting traffic to your business opportunity then I would advise you to do so.  Especially if you have tried other methods and failed, then this may be your opportunity for a breakthrough.

I just registered for the platinum package this gives you the opportunity to mail to 3000 People every three days that is a total of 30,000 people a month. Which could get a lot of eyes on your business opportunity and also sales or at the very least build you a big list in the process.  I would be very interested in anyone who uses solo ads on a regular basis and is having more success with any specific solo ad providers to also post their comments below.  As it will also be of great benefit to our readers.

While we are on the subject of marketing funnels there is about one day to get Free Access to the new You Tube Training   for FREE..    After that you will have to pay to register so if you haven’t already I would advise you to at least take a look and see what training and done for you systems it has to offer..

As well as that you can also get free access to a community of Solo Advertisers with reviews so you can choose who to buy off and who to stay away from

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What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

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