AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

Today my new mic I was waiting for arrived in fact a day earlier than expected from Amazon am absolutely delighted with it. I needed it as I got an IMAC recently and although the sound in my videos etc was perfect I discovered that when doing my weekly Team Training Google hangouts there was quite a bit of background noise going to all the other hangout members from my computer.  I already had a Samson microphone which I have to say was pretty good.  But since the microphone quality on my desktop PC is horrible I need to use it for the PC and switching over mics and making sure it is working every time can be a complete pain.

So as from a recommendation of one of my mentors from one of his Livestream events I bought this AT2020 Microphone I made a short video of it. Sorry   the camera was getting beat about alot while I unwrapped everything.  It looks and sounds absolutely amazing and I also found a video on You Tube of someone singing on the AT2020 Microphone and you can hear for yourself the sound is crisp and clear.


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AT2020 Microphone Arrives From Amazon

Part 1



 Part 2




My First Video Using AT2020 Microphone



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AT2020 Sound Test (You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban)


AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

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