Pain Or Pleasure Which Will It Be

Pain Or Pleasure Which Will It Be

Did you know that everything in life that you do is either for the avoidance of Pain. Or the gaining of Pleasure.  Which one do you think is the biggest motivator? Yes it is no2 the avoidance of pain. Think about that for a moment, and you will be able to see the reason why you do or have not done, or avoided doing many things in the past. Quite often it takes a lot of pain heartache or suffering to actually make people make the required changes to up their game and change their life.

That is why many people cling on to the comfort of job security day in and day out of their lives. Hell yes many people I know or have met in the past are experts at turning a perfectly free life, full of choice and wonder, into a job or regimental sheep lineup. Go to bed at this time get up at that time. Do what the government tells you Hmm..  Yes they live their whole lives in a bloody trance. Spending One hour getting up half asleep trying to get ready for a J.O.B. another hour trying to get the kids ready to school.

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Then they arrive at work spend 8 hours like a robot doing repetitive tasks that the boss wanted them to do. Then they come home cook the food or buy a McPharma Burger for dinner. Sit down and watch three hours of TV Programming where the media brainwashes them what the builderberg group and the government wants  them to hear. And then of course at 9 or 7 oclock depending on how regimental they are they force the children to go to sleep.

Before getting ready to do it all over again, if you described them as sheep they would be baffled as they haven’t really any time to think about it. Till they reach pension age or the company closes down. They then realise they are broke and they look for someone to blame for their financial crisis. Yes indeed that’s Job Security for you. Most successful people have in the past in many cases been victims. Victims of life,finances, relationships etc.

It isn’t until they say that’s it I have had it as Jim Rohn Says that they decide to make a change and transform their lives for the better. Yes there is always a choice you can always be a victim. Blame your spouse Blame the government (Yes it is their fault lol) Blame your boss the economy or the lack of what you have. Unfortunately while you hold onto this victim mentality you will always be a victim. You can create your economy !! You can REFUSE 100% to take part in the Recession. (What Recession)

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Or You Can Keep Going On Playing The Victim And Continue To Suffer…  The choice is yours.

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Pain Or Pleasure Which Will It Be

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