Passive Income Compounding Versus Affiliate Marketing

Passive Income Compounding Versus Affiliate Marketing

I am a great fan of passive income, the great thing about passive income is you can be earning it 24/7  when you are sleeping or on holiday, moving house or just having fun doing what you want to do. Passive income is definetely one of the top secrets of the rich even though it is not really a secret. Many people behave as if it is. Thanks to social programming, negativity and the media  together with job security.This keeps people in a mental trance throughout their life.

As an Affiliate Marketer and Internet Marketer I understand the value of passive income I also invested quite a lot of money on asset protection, and real estate educational courses.Which have served me well. One of my favourite quotes was from a real estate seminar about compounding. The overall goal of the real estate course was to earn at least 100% return, on your money annually. This is the formula for financial freedom.

Unfortunately many investors did not realise the difference between assets and liability’s. And thought that having capital appreciation was an asset instead of a lucky bonus. A mixture of this and the central banks etc con of providing non existent currency into the economy and charging interest on it played a huge role too in the property collapse. But I believe now is the time to be cashing in on those.

Anyway I would like to talk today about the difference between affiliate marketing and recurring payments and compounding. Many new people coming online are looking to make money online via affiliate marketing. The online sales  industry is growing at a huge rate. And I believe many people who’s business or businesses are not online will become extinct like the dinosaurs. So when it comes to affiliate marketing most people are looking for a product to sell. Sometimes it is like $10 or $40 or sometimes a higher ticket item.

Digital products and software obviously make the best returns as there is no goods required stock or inventory as everything is just stored on a computer. Selling one of a product is fine, but normally some effort has to be made or money spent to make the sales required. With low end products after advertising costs (if using paid ads) this may leave you little if any return  or even out of pocket after you pay for all the ads.

In fact if a product is under $13 you will most likely be losing money using paid ads unless you upsell them a higher cost product afterwards. To cover the loss and turn a profit. A lot of people make out affiliate marketing is the easiest thing since sliced bread but it is not normally unless you spend consistent money time and or effort to learn it. I much prefer items that have residual income as you do the work once and get paid continuously over and over again for that one bit of effort.

With traditional affiliate marketing you make the sale then need to find new customers again and again which is much harder. And not as profitable one of my businesses brings in $25 $125 residual income streams plus one off $500 and $1000 commissions the beauty of it is the product virtually sells itself. As it is awesome. This is the business I use for passive residual income. I then have another business which uses compounding. When it comes to passive income compounding versus affiliate marketing, passive income compounding and residual income wins every time.

Did you know if I paid you $1000 a day for 30 days or offered you  1 cent compounded at 100% for 30 days which would you want number 1 or number 2. Well number one would be $30,000 number 2 would be 333,000,000 dollars I know which one I would like. The business which also compounds happens to be a banner advertising service. I have put a screenshot for my account so far after three months. I now truly know the true meaning of passive income as this works 24/7 no matter where I am or what I am doing. 🙂 You can get registered for Free using the link banner broker








The business above requires no advertising no affiliate signups to make money you can use the impressions to promote your other online businesses as well. So if you are new and clueless, or a seasoned Internet Marketer it will be perfect as you hardly have to lift a finger except for ordering your package and pressing the activate button.

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Passive Income Compounding Versus Affiliate Marketing

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