New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

Yes indeed with the latest changes to Facebook all my groups have been changed. It used to be that the group members pictures showed on top of the groups but all of that has changed and now there is a blank space for you to add a picture..

This will not be a problem if you are a techy graphic designer or top coder then this should be a piece of cake. If on the other hand you are a mere internet mortal with little idea of all this technical mumbo jumbo could leave you running for cover. In fact a short time back I used to cringe at the thought of anything like that but fortunately by sheer accident I came across a piece of cheap software and found a few other cool tips.

To make these things seem extremely easy. Facebook group banners are a certain size and unless you know or have figured out the exact size it can be a little tricky to create anything for it. That is where this cool piece of software comes in it also has a Facebook Banner creator package so you can create your own customised Facebook banners..

Now I don’t know about you but I have a lot of Facebook Pages and Groups and without this bit of software I could have ended up paying an arm and a leg to get them all made for me.. If you have this all figured out then remember you will have to redo a lot of your FB groups with a new banner so don’t forget to because they look horrible without one Trust me….

Underneath I will post pictures of a couple of FB Groups that I did earlier..

fb group online entrepreneurs



home based business secrets group



New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

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