Mojo Market Place Quick Install Sucks

Mojo Market Place Quick Install Sucks

Was recently trying to create a new WordPress blog using the mojo market place installation system. After trying to install the same website 5 times and it telling me it was installed.   I then checked for the website and checked the hosting account and there was nothing there.  Obviously this system is not working in over 10 years of creating blogs on fantastico and mojo market place etc..   I have never seen such a disaster of an installation system.  For a system that is supposed to install millions of websites on the internet this is a complete joke.

It is time to get your act together, as people paying monthly  hosting fees to get access from their hosting company to such a crappy service are not happy .  This is surely not going to do your company or brand any favours.

Congratulations Mojo Market Place in turning something that should be relatively simple for someone with a bit of online experience, into a nightmare for everyone.


Hosting companies Bring back fantastico please!!!

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Mojo Market Place Quick Install Sucks

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