James Schramko Reveals Business Growth Opportunities With Google On Internet Marketing Speed

James Schramko Reveals Business Growth Opportunities With Google On Internet Marketing Speed

James Schramko – Internet Marketing Expert

Sydney, Australia (PRWEB) August 11, 2011

Australian internet marketer James Schramko visited Google Australia last week which he described as revealing and insightful. The world’s largest search engine company, whose efforts in the past few months have largely been directed towards improving user experience on the web, has provided several tips and updates on best practices and how to effectively market on the internet. One of the highlights of his visit, as Schramko explained in his most recent post on Internet Marketing Speed, was an advanced PPC session with Google Australia’s Kate Conroy. The presentation reinforced the importance of Google AdWords in search engine marketing – a very timely coincidence with Schramko’s SilverCircle MasterClass session on PPC with Mike Rhodes, which launched two days ago, August 9th, he says.

Google’s own study revealed that only around 50% of businesses in Australia have adopted to the web, which is something that should be remedied if businesses are to experience growth and maintain a competitive edge in this day and age, says Schramko.

“There are ample reasons why businesses should go online. You can Google it and find out for yourself, there’s plenty of news available. Last month a report by REUTERS showed a steep revenue decline from US newspaper giant Gannett due to weak ad climate. The report attributed the 6.5% decline in revenues to budget cuts from advertisers and yet the same report showed a 13% increase in revenue from digital advertising. Another report states that US online advertising surged in the first quarter of 2011. You connect the dots.” said Schramko.

According to Schramko, the majority of the 50% of Australia’s businesses that have not yet adopted to the web argue that the internet is somehow irrelevant to their business, while others attribute fears of cost, complexity and time restrictions as a major hindrance.

“These arguments would have been true a few years back”, said Schramko who further explained that “there are courses, like FastWebFormula, that will cut through the complexities and time restrictions of internet marketing step-by-step.”

“Business owners also tend to shy away from costs – especially if they are increasing” Schramko explained. In a fairly recent post on Internet Marketing Speed called Leveraging Your Internet Business” Schramko reveals cost cutting mistakes committed by business owners and presents a formula based on business genius Jay Abraham’s teachings. “To reiterate this on a much larger scale, you can check out why Google has been growing under CEO Larry Page on this report.” says Schramko.

“There will always be bills to pay, there’s no way around that. Businesses are investing in internet marketing campaigns for increased exposure and now is the time to adapt – or at least have someone do it for you. Google is arming us with tools that easily eclipse advertising on local papers and yellow pages, and knowledge on how to effectively use these tools can be learned from Google itself or in forums like SuperFastResults.” – James Schramko

James reveals additional information and further details of his trip to Google Australia’s headquarters at http://www.internetmarketingspeed.com/news/inside-google/.

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James Schramko’s internet marketing blog which covers a wide range of topics about modern online marketing strategies. Updated on a regular basis, James often enjoys interaction with many of his followers around the globe.

About James Schramko

Former General Manager of a Mercedes-Benz dealership in Sydney, Australia, Schramko started SuperfastBusiness 6 years ago. James has since become one of the most sought-after Internet Marketing Coaches in the world. Author of the tremendously successful Traffic Grab as well as the FastWebFormula live event series, James provides search engine optimization services to hundreds of clients around the world.



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