How To Keep Or Grow The Money You Make From Your Online Business

How To Keep Or Grow The Money You Make From Your Online Business

I regularly discuss ways to make money online or tools or techniques to create or increase your online business on my blog.

The thing is it really doesn’t matter how much money you make from your website.

If you do not know how to manage your finances you will end up broke and struggle through life always being a slave to money.

Remember it is not just about what money you make!  It is about what you keep.

Many famous people and lottery winners went bankrupt and of course, in most cases, this was down to bad financial money management. Let’s face it if you make 6 million pounds a year and spend 7 million then you are technically broke.

Here are some great tips if you want to keep and or grow your money

The money jars video by T-Harv Ecker.

How to grow your money with Cryptocurrency. Click Here

The power of compounding your money.  Click Here

How to calculate the growth of your savings

How to calculate the payments of your credit cards

Tips for paying off your credit cards early

Declutter Your Entire Home One Day At A Time

If you know how to manage your finances properly it will change your life forever, not having to struggle over a lack of money can be life-changing in so many ways.

So many relationships end because of arguments over financial difficulties and a lack of money, or bad money management.

For the UK financial statistics, you can Click Here to visit the UK Government website.

You can easily save your spare change by setting up a Revolut account then you can invest this money into investments that will grow. It also will save you money on currency exchange as you can have an account in whichever currencies that you want.


If you have watched the videos in the links above you will realise that there are many great ways to manage your money, using the tips above such as self-investment, financial investment, good financial planning, and having spare funds for large purchases when required will help you live your life better.

Of course, there are many ways and places to invest your money.

In things such as

Commercial Property

Residential Properties

Gold Silver and Precious metals

Oil and Gas

Stocks and Shares

Buying Cryptocurrencies

Staking Cryptocurrencies


Creating a commercial business

Trading and Forex (Can be very risky if you do not know what you are doing)

When it comes to investing in an online business it is important to work out the ROI on anything that you buy for the business.

A lot of people I come across refuse to pay for a shopping cart because the one I use and recommend costs $695, the ROI I have got from this one piece of software over the years is a 10,000 Percent Return.

Making and keeping your money is all about financial intelligence and the problem is not everyone has learned this at school.

Therefore making silly financial decisions costs 100s of Millions of people financial hardship daily.

With some learning strategies and implementation a lot of peoples, finances could improve drastically, of course, this all starts off with a decision and by getting started on your financial education journey.

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How To Keep Or Grow The Money You Make From Your Online Business

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