Stop Paying Your Mortgage – Pay Your Hosting And Autoresponder Instead

Stop Paying Your Mortgage – Pay Your Hosting And Autoresponder Instead


This is what I would and have done in the past – Please do not take it as financial advice it is just an opinion. (Like Tony Robbins Says Sometimes You Gotta Burn Your Boats)

Stop Paying Your Mortgage - Pay Your Hosting And Autoresponder Instead

When left with two options financially, having enough money to pay hosting and autoresponder or to pay the mortgage

option 1 for me wins every time.


You may think this sounds crazy but often in order to transition from one side of the cashflow quadrant to the other,

you need to make a decision.

Indecision is a huge disease that creates a lot of broke people daily.


You have a choice to be an online business owner to be an employee or to do something else.

If you are serious about having an online business the first thing is you need is your own land on the Internet that you pay for and own/control

The next thing you must have is a database of followers/subscribers or clients if you want to be able to generate a sustainable income online.

If you stop paying these you are giving up on making money or having a proper business online.

No online business means no money to pay the mortgage in the future anyway unless you get a job or have another financial income stream.


People tend to get a lot more done and perform better when under pressure.

So if you want to make more money knowing that you need to pay your business expenses, or mortgage.

You will be more likely to make you take action.

Sitting and watching Netflix while trying to forget about everything or your next month’s mortgage or rent payment will certainly not improve your finances or your life in the future.

When I quit my job nearly 16 years ago

I vowed to myself that I would live in a cardboard box before I would ever have another job, of course, that put some pressure on me to create a successful online business

or else live in a cardboard box that wasn’t really high up on my list of goals. 🙂

I had a customer who bought a couple of funnels recently then they cancelled their hosting payments, what does this mean? It means the place where their websites are hosted will disappear along with their income when their hosting expires in a month.

This has been a very interesting few weeks for me.

I have seen so many people do things that do not make sense. 

But hey that’s okay the great thing about life is you either learn the lesson it’s teaching you.

Or it will keep standing on your head pushing you and your business etc down. 

Until you finally get it, If you don’t get it.

If you don’t pass the tests life gives you and you take the toxic vaccine that kills you then you no longer have the opportunity to continue on the journey.

Mother nature is harsh and often only the strongest and or smartest survive.

If you cannot teach your kids not to run across a busy road or they do not get the message.

Then their opportunity to continue learning or advancing in this lifetime could end prematurely.

The same way that people who stop paying their hosting or autoresponders for their online business.

Will end their business prematurely. 

This means that their business will be broke or non- existant.

You can learn and evolve or stay behind and take the consequences that go with it.

That choice is something only you can decide.

I remember reading one of Robert Kiyosaki’s books many years ago in it he talked about paying the price, with everything in life there is a price to be paid. And whether you do or don’t pay the price YOU WILL ALWAYS end up paying the price anyway. The question is what price do you want to pay?

The price of being cheap is you will always be cheap and often miserable with people including yourself.

The price of job security is you will never be in control and probably never have any real security.

Decide where in the Cashflow Quadrant you are going to be. 

Sometimes you have to pay twice the price to actually get what you want, with a job you can get the job it is easier no worries about your business or employees or coming up with ideas, the price you pay is you have no control over your job or your boss if he can’t manage his finances and goes out of business you lose your job and end up broke so you don’t really get the price you have paid for in the first place.

With a business, you may have to invest all your money maybe even miss some mortgage payments,

get into debt, heck you might even fail once or twice or lose your house or all your assets,

but after you have paid that price you can decide what happens in your business.

Who you work with, who your clients will be, how much you will charge.

How many hours you will work when to go on holiday or when you can go to the toilet.

Yep, you may pay twice the price but in the end.

You might actually get what you paid for in the first place.


Of course, that choice is entirely yours.

If you would like to take responsibility for your own online income Click Here To Find Out How I Can Help You


Stop Paying Your Mortgage – Pay Your Hosting And Autoresponder Instead

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