Selling Products And Services Online Or thinking about it? You NEED THIS!

Selling Products And Services Online Or thinking about it? You NEED THIS!

You can use Paypal and there is also some other payment methods. The thing is about 40% of sales are lost using paypal according to tests done by one of my top internet marketing friends. To get A payment processor like Worldpay or and many other payment processors, you have to jump through hoops to get your account. Plus sometimes personal credit checks and also checks on your company as well. Many of them charge you a monthly fee for the pleasure as well,on top of your shopping cart software, autoresponder costs etc.
I myself have paid $130 a month for about 8 years for a shopping cart monthly and only had PayPal as a payment processor. That means it cost me so far $12,480. Would you like me to save you over $12,000 today? The thing is thousands of marketers have had their accounts frozen by Paypal including myself in the past. In fact, they are under investigation by the FTC at the moment for that very reason.
I have been researching for months on a good payment processor that was easy to join and gave me the ability to process credit and debit cards without using Paypal. I eventually found it but you needed to be a programmer to figure out how the heck to set it up. Talk about the law of attraction I have been putting it out there for the last month to get me a good payment processor and a shopping cart that converts.
Did you know that many of the shopping carts can also cost you another 40% in lost sales due to too much info being required, and also just converting badly? It happened last night!! I got an email it was the perfect shopping cart software at a price that was impossible to resist. By a top marketer whose other products, I have purchased so far which have been completely amazing.
The bad news is the software will be billed monthly, the good news is if you have purchased any of their other products you can buy a one-off lifetime license for only $595. Only for a short period of time this is a one-off. All you need to do is click the link below.
PS. Remember the lifetime license will only be available for another few weeks so you need to move quickly to get access to it now.


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