Breakthrough to Success and Leave All the Negative People Behind

How long in your life have you done it? Listened to your friends and family whining and complaining about their life, their jobs, and their education. Is it not true that all these whiners, energy vampires, like to sympathize with people like themselves, like the old saying goes misery loves company.

Or like James Arthur Ray says Energy flows where attention goes. If you focus on all this negative stuff what are you going to get, or for that matter what are you not going to get? If these people are continuing to try to drag you down with them maybe you need to change your routine.

Maybe you need to meet people with a different attitude people who you want to be like, not people who you are sick of listening to. Christopher Howard said in his breakthrough to Success seminar last month that normally your income is the average of the 5 people you hang around with the most. So next time you are listening to your friend or relative whining think about that. Maybe you should also think of a way to minimize listening to all that negative claptrap.

After all, life is too short, time goes by very quickly and you don’t want to waste your life being miserable. Or as Jim Rohn Says, the only thing that can be worse than that, is to be miserable, stupid ugly, and broke then you have a problem right?

But really all joking aside do you not owe it to yourself to give yourself something better in life? To live the life of your dreams, and do the things you want to do instead of letting people tell you what they think you should do. I think really you owe it to yourself and to your family to try to change yourself for the better. In doing that you will also change the people that surround you, or else they will disappear into the sunset as if by magic. That is because their reality and your reality no longer match up so you end up repelling each other, instead of being attracted to each other’s negative views.

How is it possible for me to do this you may be asking yourself, well the answer to that is simple if you want to be in a different position next year than you have been for the last ten years then maybe you need to take a different action.

If you stayed in an office job for the last ten years and nothing changed, what do you think will change if you continue doing the same job in the same office?

In all probability maybe not much will change, on the other hand, if you read some books on entrepreneurs. Go to some seminars and learn from millionaires your life could change a lot, but at the end of the day, it is only you who is responsible for taking that action. Not the government or the economy, in fact not even your boss it,s all up to you my friend.

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