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What is the first thing, that you think about when you hear the words e-mail marketing.

Do you think of a professional opt-in form done in a modern and irresistible style?

Do you think of user friendly e-mail templates, that are easy to use?

Do you think about colourful and current newsletter templates?

How about a video e-mail that can possibly create real engagement with your prospects and clients?

freshmail email markeitng
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If so than FreshMail has all of the above plus much more.

FreshMail is a marketing software for creating, sending and tracking targeted email campaigns.

Email marketing is still one of the best and most effective ways to reach out to people and get customers and clients. The efficiency of email marketing has been proven over and over again by the fact that most people receive their e-mail instantly at their finger tips.

That is why it is also very important to send e-mails, in the relevant time zone. The  e-mail should deliver a message, that will be pleasing to the eye, but  will have easy access. Mobile and tablet e-mail access can no longer be ignored as according to Adestra 45% of email opens occurred on mobile, 36% on desktop and 19% in a web mail client. 

The team behind Fresh Mail will provide you with  statistics of your current and past e-mail campaigns and what you can do to improve your content. You will also receive information about every aspect of your campaign.

You have only one chance to make a good first impression and by choosing attractive fonts and colours  you can create  e-mail follow-up letters that your subscribers would be wanting.

One of best things about FreshMail is that it offers a free account yes you can start using it straight away and have an opt-in form set up on your blog or a website in a matter of minutes.

freshmial free newsletter templates
Just a glimpse of some of the newsletter templates

There are 64 email newsletter templates.These Templates are designed to suit almost every niche and there are also seasonal templates that you can use as well.

If you have chosen the free plan you can send a maximum of 2000 messages a month to no more than 500 recipients, counted by unique addresses on your subscriber list. This is a very useful and cost effective way to start building your list if you are on a low budget. Or just starting out on the internet.

Once your list has grown above these numbers you can choose either the pay as you go send out option or one of the great value monthly options, that are not available to other email service providers.

Another  great feature about FreshMail is that once you join and confirm your e-mail you will receive a kind welcome from the customer service consultants, which you can contact via e-mail or by phone. Being able to talk to a real person instead of sending a support ticket is a great way to greet new clients in my opinion.

Writing good email campaigns that deliver value and are interesting to read for your clients is your job. If you enjoy writing  e-mails then your readers will appreciate learning new stuff and it will also give you a better chance to engage with them.

FreshMail offers a fantastic opportunity for you to create e-mail campaigns when you use the newsletter templates. Every piece of content, that you create should speak volumes to your readers about what you can offer them. The more you communicate with them the better you will get to know them and the better you will be able to solve their problems and deliver value.

By choosing FreshMail for your e-mail campaigns you are reaching out to clients and getting to know them better and you have the potential to sell them products, that they actually want to buy

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