Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

I hear about it all the time and peoples attitudes to it.  It’s kinda like mad cow’s disease something created to be able to put more controls on  people and society’s.  And all the sheep believe it. Don’t get me wrong I think there is lots to be concerned about in this world.  But climate change is not one of them.

The story is the world is getting so hot because of CO2 what a bag of bull.. If you want to know the real reason for the climate change frenzy here it is.

New Taxes on Planes and non Eco friendly things like plastic bags.

Bill Gates and his cronies get free reign to spray us with Aluminium(which causes Alzhiemers) Barium and all sorts of Flue Vaccines and who knows what other BS. To cool the earth right??  Hmm.   Last thing I heard he was a population control fanatic is it really about the weather? Or murdering Millions of people?

The truth is many people have no idea what is being done to them with chemtrails, plane travel, Vaccines,GMO’s,Monsantos Roundup Being Sprayed everywhere. Personally where I live in Northern Ireland it is getting colder.  It could be due to Billy The Kids Poisonous chemtrails which block out the sun which creates life on this planet via photosynthesis.

Or hey who ever thought of it hmm.  It could be the sun? It being a load of exploding gases and all.  Could the tempurature jump about a little.   As for the wild storms etc what about the Harp weather distortion might that have any effect.

I even hear people who are very sensible generally talking about climate change.  I think if you are really concerned about our climate then.  Close down all the oil companies and their pollution   Get rid of the toxic military weapons and Nuclear Power Plants.

Stop allowing forests to be destroyed and start buying land and plant a forest around your property.   When people talk about climate change to me it’s like telling me 5 men from caves called Al Quaeda blew up the twin towers.  See what a CIA insider says. If a plane caused the buildings to fall explain this video?

Who where the suspects of 911

It was george bush and his cronies pulling an insurance scam, and getting another reason to invade to get more oil and stick in another central bank in places where it wouldn’t have been accepted.  And make his mate’s company Haliburton Billions in the process.

Climate change is just another scam and you can be sure of one thing.  It won’t be of any benefit to you.  So next time you see some corporation employees  going round with a collection box looking for money for climate change.  Waken Up…  To the big picture.





Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

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