Susan Taylor Interview

The Coupon Industry is one of the most competitive industries at the moment, and only few of the thousands of coupon websites out there have succeeded, today we are going to interview Susan Taylor about her success and how she has managed to make a success website when others have failed miserable.

Please tell us about and how it helps the users?

Well, is a coupons website, we have over 12,000 stores on our website, our team at rebateszone verify the coupons on daily basis for all of the listed stores, it’s our guarantee that we will only provide working deals and coupons on our website, rebateszone helps users to save money on their order, let me explain, for example, if a user purchases a product from and his total is $120, now he can get a discount of about 10% on his order, by using a backcountry coupon from this page, so basically rebateszone helps users to save money.

2) When did you start Rebates zone, and what was the initial investment?

It was started back in 2013, and the initial investment was just $5k, yes that is right, I was very short on budget especially considering the bigger budgets of coupon websites, that money was invested in design, hosting etc. despite small investment we did really well, especially when I look the position of my company now.

3) What is your marketing strategy and how you succeeded when you had such a small budget?

To be honest, in the start I never tried to compete with big coupon websites, my main purpose was just to create a coupon website with best user experience, mainly when you look at coupon website you’ll find lots of expired deals and coupons, when I created the coupon website my main target was to provide tested coupons to users at one place. In my opinion, small budget doesn’t count as long as you’ve determination to make your project successful.

My marketing strategy wasn’t any different from any other coupon website, I did Facebook ads and used PPC to get targeted visitors, in my view your marketing strategy will only succeed when you’ve a solid product, so my tip for all the people who are reading this interview is that firstly make a solid product that you think people will love and then think of marketing it.

4) Tell us that how Rebates zone generated revenue?

Rebates zone gets affiliate commision for every sale that is done through our website, whenever user purchases by using our affiliate link then we get paid for that.

5) What are your Future plans?

Currently, rebates zone is in 50 coupon websites on internet and my aim is to get into top 10 coupon websites by the end of this year.

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