Evolve Creative Marketing Offers Internet Marketing Report to Assist Small Businesses

Evolve Creative Marketing Offers Internet Marketing Report to Assist Small Businesses

(PRWEB) February 17, 2011

Evolve Creative Marketing, a full service marketing firm, now offers businesses an internet marketing report for new or existing clients. With this focus on data, the company uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing communications resources to help small businesses understand their marketing position and opportunities in web marketing.

Evolve Creative Marketing’s marketing analysis expertise allows the company to offer an economical search engine optimization solution. This insight is used in evaluating marketing, search engine optimization and social media optimization, competitive intelligence and advertising opportunities. Armed with this information, Evolve Creative Marketing can better align their client’s communications to focus directly on profitable gaps or neglected areas of the marketplace.

“Evolve Creative Marketing offers search engine optimization and competitive intelligence because clients need a comprehensive strategy to survive in today’s market,” says Jason Eke, Evolve Creative Marketing’s Director of Marketing. “We go beyond SEO and other Social Media Marketing Services to give our clients an edge. From the market data we gather, we develop a sustainable brand and marketing strategy for all of our clients. We see too many small businesses waste resources pursuing the market the wrong way, or even pursuing the wrong market.”

In addition to Competitive Intelligence and Website Development, the marketing firm specializes in Inbound and Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, and Communication services to help small businesses generate more leads and accelerate business growth.

With representatives in Ontario, Canada and Perth, Western Australia, Evolve Creative Marketing provides marketing strategy services to companies around the world.

About Evolve Creative Marketing

Evolve Creative Marketing specializes in innovative online marketing strategy and solutions including search engine marketing and optimization, online advertising, social networking and social media. Evolve Creative Marketing starts by understanding your business and your marketing plans. Evolve Creative Marketing builds on that with research to identify how your customers find your products and services. Then Evolve Creative Marketing tailors an online marketing strategy for you based on proven experience and a thorough understanding of the online marketplace.

We believe it’s more than having a beautiful website. It’s about making that website work for you. For more information, visit http://www.e-marketingagency.com.

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