Alternatives To Cows Milk In The UK

Alternatives To Cows Milk In The UK

It has been a long time now since I stopped buying or drinking cows milk in fact I have lost count of the years.  Unfortunately it may look and sound simple if you want to avoid unhealthy vaccinated cows milk filled with casein(Glue) and puss cells from sick overmilked cows drink an alternative.

If you go to the supermarket there are lots of alternatives, or is there?  Unfortunately if you look closely at the labels and do any research you will discover that many of them are as bad or even worse than the cows milk alternative you are trying to avoid.

Things like soy milk often made with Genetically Modified Soy (Like a bomb for your body) Rice milk filled with junk like artificial sweetners,sugar,thickners like carogeen.

Many of these ingredients are not organic have been sprayed with monsanto or bayer weedkillers which cause many cancers and who knows how many other diseases.

So really switching from cows milk to another alternative is not as straight forward as you may think, in fact I recommend carrying out some research on this yourself depending on your own local area which may well be different to mine.

ALthough I cannot guarantee that these are perfect either I myself use milks like Oatly Organic oat milk, I also now love and regularly drink Rude health milk. It comes in multiple flavours which include Almond Milk,Hazelnut Milk,Coconut Milk,Brown Rice Milk and some others as well.

Rude Health Coconut Milk Rude Health Brown Rice Milk Rude Health Almond Milk

If you read the label you will see the ingredients are what they should be with a little sprinkle of added sea salt and in one our two cases a little organic sunflower oil.   In my opinion these are the best milks I have seen available unless you make your own milk.

If you want to make your own milk you can just add water and almonds and a little salt in the vitamix.  To make almond milk or cashews to make cashew milk etc.   Some boiled rice to make rice milk etc..

I have found that sainburys now stock the rude health milks, before this I used to buy it from a few different health food stores.  Buying from health food stores mean’t it was quite a bit more expensive anywhere from £2.30 to £3.50.  In Sainsburys it sells for £2 at present but from time to time they do special offers and sell it at £1.50 per 1 litre carton.

I hope you found this useful as I do not normally post too many health articles on this blog but thought it may be beneficial for you and/or your family’s health which is of course priceless.  🙂


Alternatives To Cows Milk In The UK

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