7 Simple Ways to Improve your Website Speed

Here are 7 Simple Ways to Improve your Website Speed

For those that manage a website, ensuring that it moves quickly is the best way to ensure that visitors will return. While website speed is ultimately limited, there are seven simple ways that you can improve your website speed.

The first way to increase website speed is to compress any images. Using an image editing tool, you can drastically reduce the detail and size of an image, which will leave it still looking clear, but will improve loading speed.

The second tip is to deactivate any unused plugins. All plugins use up a lot of speed, and unused ones will end up being a complete waste.

The third tip is to remove video ads. While having ads is a great way to generate revenues, those that use videos will drastically slow the loading speed and won’t be worth the revenues.

You should also enable browser caching. Enabling caching will result in some of the site being stored on a visitor’s hard drive. This will require less loading going forward.

Simply getting rid of old content will help to increase speeds. While having a history may be valuable to some visitors, the majority of old content could be eliminated or stored elsewhere.

Having your server response audited will also be helpful. A server speed audit will review all of the download speeds to determine if there are any bottlenecks in the download, which could slow the site considerably. Also check your hosting provider, some hosts are slow because they are way oversubscribed like Hostgator

The seventh tip is to enable compression. Compressing your website could cut the size of your website by 80% or more, which will then lead to faster download times.

7 Simple Ways to Improve your Website Speed

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