How Passive Is Your Business?

How Passive Is Your Business?

This is a question that many people should ask themselves, some people do but many people don’t and you maybe can go for years without noticing..  But it just takes one minor change, in your life in your health, in your families health.  Or even your job or income to leave you running for cover or in the soup financially. I learned this a long time ago through many different experiences I had. Which I am very grateful for otherwise today I would be in a very different position than the one I am in now.

What do you mean by passive income?  You may be asking well the question is really simple if something happened to you or one of your family members and you could not work.  Or you lost your job how much money would be coming in to you on a daily ,weekly,monthly basis? Over the last few years I posted daily on many blogs.  Yes I would spend time writing a 3,4 or even 500 or 1000 word article on my blogs or websites. Because of that and sharing good content etc I built a team in some online businesses.


The last few weeks I have been posting very little on my blogs,websites etc and there is a reason for that.  It’s not because I quit on my business and it’s not because I am being lazy which many of us can be. The fact of the matter is my 10 year old son broke his leg in school in three places. And for the last few weeks has been confined to the sofa, If you have any children or had any of your young children break their legs it can be a pretty nerve racking experience for them and for you..

As you can imagine they and you  are wondering when or if it the leg will heal 100% .  Being told you won’t be able to walk properly for 6- 12 Weeks doesn’t sit well with a 10 year old child.  And seeing him lying on the sofa immobile and anxious about what is going to happen doesn’t help either. Thankfully I can say instead of sitting on my computer all day. Or waiting in traffic jams or selling my time in a J.O.B. while my child is at home suffering.  I can be with him all of the time which is truly a blessing.

This leaves me one less problem I have to face unlike many other people who have landed in difficult unforseen circumstances, Like this one for example. While I have been keeping my sons spirits up, entertaining him and spending valuable time with him my passive income continues to flow in on complete autopilot..  So I don’t to worry about food,heating,paying bills and having a good lifestyle etc because I am not slaving away in a job for minimum wage.

That is a choice I made years ago and continue to make on a daily basis.  In fact I love what I do and would not change it for anything because I love the freedom it gives me.  And even money is worthless if you do not get any time freedom to enjoy it.  How can you go spend your money on a dream holiday while you are slaving away at a full time job?   Even if they tell you it has benefits????  Does it really?

So enough about my life what about you is your business passive, who pays you monthly.  If you are like most people monthly you probably pay a phone bill,Internet, Mobile Phone Bill,Electricity Bill,Gas Bill,Oil etc… Yes you are paying that every month ..  The question is apart from your physical labour who or what is paying you monthly?

If you know the answer to this question and you have a good passive income monthly that leaves you in profit every month,without your physical labour.  Then you are in perfect financial shape if not.  Then maybe you have got to change something before a health or financial disaster occurs and leaves you or one of your family members sick or penniless..

If you need help setting up your own online business feel free to add me and Facebook and message me for more information on what you can do and how to go about it. If not I wish you all the best in your future business or work ventures..

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How Passive Is Your Business?

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