Buying And Selling Websites And Domains Is Like Dealing In Virtual Real Estate

Buying And Selling Websites And Domains Is Like Dealing In Virtual Real Estate

When it comes to marketing online there are so many methods of making money online it could frazzle your brain..  But hey that’s a good thing not bad at all. When I hear people worrying about competitors selling stuff online. Or too many people selling stuff online it makes me see the dog eat dog view some people have about so many things.  But if you are tired of the latest online MLM Juice business or chasing the latest Clickbank or JV Zoo Products.

Then this might be an awesome opportunity for you to make some extra income online. You can visit your local domain registrar like Go Daddy for example and start searching for some good quality domain names that are still available.  It can take you some time but I have bought some awesome domains in my time and have a good few hundred of them still.

There are a few different options you can take here.  One is too find a great domain setup an online business/website with it and build up a customer base and income. That way you can sell the business and get more money as it has an ongoing income which you can get paid some extra goodwill for..  The next option is just buy a domain and sell it the way it is no bells or whistles.

If you get a really great domain name it is definetely worth paying the $250 for a featured listing on Flippa but a basic listing will set you back $9 which won’t hopefully break your budget..  Think about it if you started selling a couple of domains or websites a month for $500 or even 10 or twenty of them.   You could start making a few extra dollars for sure..  😉

flippa listings

I personally have lots of different online income streams and if you want to keep a regular influx of money coming in doing the same is not always a bad idea ..

You can also buy really good domains and then rent them out too big companies or local businesses for a monthly fee. If you are anything like me and good at finding treasured domains you could also do very well from this.

If this doesn’t sound like it’s for you that’s okay too. You can also join me in my 5 figure monthly blogging business by clicking here

Wishing you all the best with all your future business ventures..

Buying And Selling Websites And Domains Is Like Dealing In Virtual Real Estate

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