20 Great Quotes For Business Owners

20 Great Quotes For Business Owners

“You Could Listen To A Million Motivational Quotes I Could Show You A Thousand Testimonials I Could Give You A Hundred Tips. But The Truth Is, You Need To Get Up Off Your Ass And Do It.”

“Spend Your Time Wisely As It Will Not Come Back Anytime Soon.”

“Choose Your Clients Wisely Sometimes People Can Be Like Shoes Or Boots And If They Don’t Fit. Things Can Get Very Uncomfortable. Life Is Too Short Too Put Up With Lots Of Hassle In Exchange For Money.”

“Profits Are Better Than Wages”

“Worry Is Like A Rocking Chair, It Will Give You Something To Do. But Won’t Get You Anywhere.”

“If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock Build A Door.”

“Persistence Will Always Reward You.”

“The Best Way To Predict The Future Is Create It.”



“The Greatest Obstacle To Discovery Is Not Ignorance It Is The Illusion Of Knowledge.”


“The Greatest Enemy Of Progress Is Not Stagnation But False Progress.”

“When You Think About Quitting Think About Why You Started”

“No Need For Any New Years Resolutions Just Make A Daily List Of What You Are Going To Achieve Daily.”

“No One Can Drive You Crazy Without Your Permission.”

“When The Road Gets Rough It’s Time To Sledgehammer Your Way To Your Destination. Be Unstoppable !!!”

“Building A Business While Having A Life.”

“Inspiration Is An Awakening.”

“Choosing When To Work And When To Take Off. Is One Of The Gifts Of Working A Home Based Business.”

“Your Best Teacher Is Your Last Mistake.”

“Time Flies When You Want To Get Things Done!!”

“Become A Problem Solver Not A Problem Creator”



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20 Great Quotes For Business Owners

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